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Storm Report Map

Subject: Storm Report Map

From the site:

" started in early 2005 just as the Google Map "hacks" were starting to become more mainstream. Initially, the site started out as a "can I do this" application and morphed into an operation that become useful to the general public, insurance adjusters, schools and ever the Department of Defense. Beginning in late 2006, the site was down due to code changes that Google made to the Maps API. Those changes, unfortuntely, broke the development work that I had put into the initial map "hack". In early 2008, the site was brought back online with the same using the same layout and design that was initially created. In June of 2008, the site was re-introduced along with a new layout, new map icons and greater features. In the future, the site will boast a fee-based premium area that will allow members the ability to expand the search capability for storm reports across multiple states, across multiple states or even the ability to export or print out storm reports."

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