Wyoming Adjuster Licensing Information
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Wyoming Adjuster Licensing Information

Source: Wyoming Department of Insurance

Legal Authority:  

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 26-9-219(c), a Wyoming adjuster’s license is required unless the loss is of an unusual, uncommon or unique nature requiring special expertise or knowledge not readily available among adjusters licensed in this state, or for the adjustment of a series of losses resulting from a catastrophe common to those losses. This form may be used to register emergency adjusters who will be employed by an insurer in the state of Wyoming for a time frame of 90 days. This form is not an application for a permanent adjuster license.

License Required

A Wyoming adjuster's license is required of any adjuster who:

  • by physical appearance or through electronic or other means,
  • acts in this state on behalf of an insurer,
  • for the purpose of investigating or making adjustment of a particular loss under an insurance policy.

"Adjuster" means any individual who:

  • for compensation as an independent contractor, or as the employee of an independent contractor, or as a salaried employee of an insurer, or for fee or commission, on behalf of the insurer,
  • investigates and negotiates settlement of claims arising under insurance contracts.
  • Adjuster Firms are not licensed in Wyoming.
  • The Department does not distinguish between adjusters on staff of an insurer and independent adjusters for licensing purposes.


Catastrophe Adjusting / Unusual Loss Adjusting

Qualification for Catastrophe/Unusual Adjusting

  • Be an adult (age 18);
  • Be trustworthy and of good reputation
  • Meet at least one of the following:
    • Be a full-timed salaried employee of a licensed adjuster,
    • Have experience or special education or training on the handling of claims of sufficient duration and extent to be competent
  • Instructions
    • Complete the registration provided- all lines need to be complete or the registration will not be in compliance.
    • When registering multiple emergency adjusters, please use an excel spreadsheet in conjunction with this registration.
    • Registration should be completed by the appointing insurer, and registration must be signed by an authorized company official. (Usually the same individual who handles producer appointments). 
    • All questions must be answered.
    • The insurer hereby appoints the individual(s) named on the registration and attachment as an emergency adjuster to adjust natural disaster insurance claims on its behalf. The insurer further certifies that it has depleted it source of licensed resident/non-resident adjusters for handling disaster claims in the state of Wyoming.
    • To expedite the process please email registration and excel spreadsheet to wycat.adjuster@wyo.gov


Note: individual currently licensed, new applicants or renewing licensees are still required to have a desiganted home state. New Mexico is not accepted as a Desginated Home State as of July 1, 2013.

Wyoming is tentatively scheduled to implement the ADHS rules with Sircon and NIPR in February and the electronic process may go into production in July. Wyoming Department of Insurance has reviewed all licensing states and has determined that certain states will be accepted as a DHS state. These states meet Wyoming statutory requirements.

26-9-219. Adjuster's license; exception; notification
d) If the state in which the adjuster maintains his principal place of residency or principal place of business does not license adjusters for the line of authority being applied for, the adjuster shall designate his home state, which may be any state in which the adjuster is licensed and in good standing and which state meets licensure requirements similar to the requirements of the state of Wyoming as determined by the commissioner.


Wyoming will accept the following States as Designated Home States:


1.     Alabama

2.     Arkansas

3.     California

4.     Delaware

5.     Florida

6.     Kentucky

7.     Louisiana

8.     Minnesota

9.     Montana

10.  New Hampshire

11.  North Carolina

12.  Oklahoma

13.  Texas

14.  Utah

15. Wyoming

16. Indiana--DHS license type

Example-- Texas DOI issues a DHS license type- if an individual holds a NR Texas license they do not hold a true ADJ DHS Texas License.

Source for the information above is the Wyoming Department of Insurance

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