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New Classifieds Notice

One advantage of the new Classifieds is that only one user account is needed and it's your user account.   If you wish to post an ad on the new Classifieds just login with your user account and click the "Add Article" button that you will see above the current listing of ads.  You can help with the testing by posting  your ads for free during this testing period.    The default period the ad will run is 30 days.  The Ads will require approval before they can be viewed by visitors.  Be sure your ad is related to the Insurance Claims Handling industry. 

Note: The new Classifieds is in beta stage, so changes are likely.

In order to post your Ads, you will need to use your CatAdjuster.ORG user account which may not be the same one you created or used on the CatAdjuster.NET website.   If you see an Ad on this site posted by your company, you view the ad and see the useraccount we connected to the ad.  No login is required to view the ads.   The name will be listed under the ad title. If you have login trouble please contact us, you can use the Contact form on the Support Page.