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Learn Insurance

Insurance Claims Adjuster Training - 2010 Approved and Updated - Skip the State Exam

Learn Insurance is a state-approved provider of Texas insurance adjuster license training course.

Save $60 and Get Connected to Our Insurance Adjuster Expert for FREE

40 hour Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster License Training Course has been updated according to the 2010 guidelines by TDI. Don’t get fooled by taking unapproved and old courses as that will require you to apply for the license again.

You will get phone and email access to our insurance adjuster exam expert by registering for the insurance adjuster license training. Visit our website to get more information about the insurance adjuster license exam, how to become an insurance claims adjuster and how the Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster License Training Course will help you become an Insurance claims adjuster.

Take our state-approved online exam and become a Texas insurance adjuster now!


This Classroom Equivalent Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster License Training Course is updated for 2010 guidelines and you will not require a proctor while taking the online exam followed by the course.

You can take the exam in the presence of a disinterested third party i.e. anyone who is not your relative or anyone who will not benefit from you becoming an insurance adjuster.

13801 N. Mo-Pac
Suite 100 Austin, TX 78727
Phone: 888-360-TRNG
Fax: 512-441-1811


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