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RJMW Claim Services

Quality During Catastrophe

Since 1982 RJMW, Inc has provided Independent Adjustment Services for all types of claims from the largest to the smallest. We remain a leader in Claims Services because we do the job right and provide our clients outstanding customer service. RJMW has always been ahead of the curve on new technology and ways to better serve our clients from residential and commercial property claims to staffing and arbitration services. When you need dependability most, we are there.

Our ongoing training courses ensure that our claims personnel are current on all technologies and claims processes. RJMW understands the importance of total customer service and the ability to respond immediately to customer’s needs -especially in times of crisis. 

RJMW’s Flood claims adjusters work toward rapid, cost-effective settlements regardless of whether the claims are residential or commercial property. No matter where your need, RJMW’s extensive, scalable network of property adjusters will be there. RJMW stands ready to speed our highly trained professionals to the scenes of America’s insurance claims.

2200 Executive St
Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: (800) 785-2604
Fax: (704) 537-0941


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