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Odorox Environmental. LLC

Disaster Recovery Hydroxyl Generator Services

Odorox Environmental is the exclusive Master Distributor for the Odorox Hydroxyl Generator Technology.  We have disaster recovery companies throughout the country using our Technology on Water Losses, Sewage Losses, Fire Losses, Mold Losses, Curry, Nicotine and even Skunk !! 

Our Technology replaces ozone and fogging with the key component being the equipment is 100% safe to work around.  Contractors can be cleaning, wiping and demo'ing while our equipment is running to eliminate the Bacteria, Odor and VOC's associated with the loss thereby reducing ALE or Business Interruption.  We have been involved in many losses where the insured did not have to leave their home or the business remained open with no lost revenue days.  Another major benefit of the Technology is on the Content side.  Leather, Rubber, Elastic, Plastic and Vinyl are all safe to deodorize with our units.  Wet content can be safely deodorized without the bleaching effects of ozone.  Any Electronics be it a computer mother board, commercial computer servers and  plasma televisions are all safe to deodorize with our Technology.  Content that may have been thrown out in past losses can now be safely deodorized with our Technology.

Our Large Loss Division can have 100+ rental units delivered to any Loss Site anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains in 24 hours or less ( 36 - 48 on the West Coast ).

The code in Xactimate for our most powerful 3 Optic unit is CLN DODHY> .  This machine is not an air scrubber or a masking agent and the Hydroxyl molecule destroys the Odor, Bacteria or VOC at the molecular level. 

16525 Southpark Drive
Westfield, IN 46074
Phone: 804-240-9917
Fax: 317-399-8191


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