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Clerk Of The Works Time And Materials Software ~ by CDN Design

Easy, Flexible, Detailed, and Accurate T&M Software For The Restoration Industry

Clerk Of The Works

Clerk of the Works™ time and materials job software allows you to easily and accurately enter, track, and report all customer charges on your T&M jobs. 

Standard price lists, employee lists, and customizable markups make data entry simple and precise.  Clerk of the Works produces an incredibly detailed job book covering every aspect of the project including:

  • Job Labor - OT, rate class lists, track for multiple companies.
  • Supplied Equipment - standard price list that you control. Daily/Weekly/Monthy.
  • Supplied Materials - easily track and bill
  • Job Notes
  • Subsistence Amounts - per deim, lodging
  • Subcontracts - 10 and 10, scan subcontractor invoices to PDF.
  • Rental Items and Supplies - customizable markups, scan receipts to PDF.
  • Job Photos - organize and print your job photos for complete documentation.

Be assured that your margin goals will be met on each and every T&M job.  Clerk of the Works - the one piece of software you can't afford to be without.

See for complete details.

3051 Kenyon Lane
Middleville, MI 49333
Phone: (616) 893-8864


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