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Noble Claims Services, Inc.

Service, Teamwork, Power of Leadership and Achievement!




Noble Claim Services, Inc.

At a glance

Protocol for claims

  • Protocol written to every client’s specific needs.

Daily and Catastrophic claims

·        Property and Casualty

Ø      We have experts in place to support large, complicated losses.

Ø      We have specialists in place for historic or specialty homes/contents.

·        Auto

·        Marine

·        Aviation

·        Commercial

·        Business Interruption

·        Workman’s Compensation

·        Liability

·        Machinery

·        Flood

·        Wind


·        When subrogation is a viable option, we take control and start chain of custody for damaged item immediately to secure your rights.

·        We follow through on claim to conclusion.


·        We secure a signed release for any items thought unusable to policyholder and have salvor remove item for salvage within days of visit.  Policyholder has the choice of buying back items

·        Salvor sells item and monies are sent to insurance company.

Claim tracking systema

·        Free web based tracking system, so client can check on progress of claim 24/7.

·        All work on claim is in one place, to be shared by one click of a button.

Area of Coverage

·        South and South <st1:place w:st="on">East United States

Ø      <st1:state w:st="on">North Carolina through Nevada.

Claim Assignment:

·        Assign claims by fax, webpage or email at

8487 S Federal Highway
#17 Port St Lucie, FL 34952-3360
Phone: 772-343-8495
Fax: 772-343-0311


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