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What are they saying about us

Recent articles published by Bloomberg a copy of which I've posted in the forums completely disparage the work we do. We are seen as mere puppets who foolishly obey our carrier and vendor masters with no forethought or ethics. We can basically be bought off and only follow orders. We are the fall guys in the war between unhappy insureds and the carriers in this post Katrina era. Folks who call themselves adjusters become whistleblowers. We are accused of falsifying reports, improperly attributing damages and pretty well being downright dishonest. Of course the media needs to sell newspapers and we all know good news doesn't sell. We don't hear about the good work done, the long hours, the hardships that we endure in providing our services. I won't pretend we're perfect I've been around to long to know better , but we need to make known our role in the claims settlement process. The public and media need to understand that we accumulate facts and submit recommendations for a final approval and decision from the carriers. We operate under instruction from our principals however I do not for one believe that we are robotic in the process. What should we do? How do we convey the image that we want the public to see? Is there something wrong in the way we are acting? Your thoughts are welcome.


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wanna help me establish an Adjusters Union? Adjuster have never been represented and will continue to be abused until they create a power hold.

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Absolutely! This is a great idea. We could start here. All the adjusters come together and voice our opinions and problems we have to face.

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jeff suggs

My name is Jeff Suggs and in my business I have been dealing with insurers and their adjusters for the past 24 years. I totally agree with your blog. I just posted a blog on my Well-Adjusted account and my WordPress blog site about my experience with insurers and adjusters. I call this blog "The world of insurance companies and the adjusters that make it turn" I have seen thousands of people receive very large checks for repairs on their vehicles and then never have the repairs done. This is my opinion is not right, but claimants will do anything for that check.

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