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Choose Your Rope & Harness Training Provider Wisely

Ask the CEO of any Major Insurance Carrier or IA provider company and you will learn that crippling injuries and fatality falls from modern roof structures are a common and credible threat to Property Claims Adjusters. In proof of this fact many...
20 January 2015
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Oklahoma Earthquake CE Requirement

The text below comes from the attached DOI Bulletin To: Oklahoma Continuing Education Providers From: OID Education Division Date: August 5, 2014 Due to the swarms of earthquake activity occurring in the state, the Oklahoma Insurance...
8 September 2014
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Insurance Adjuster Certification and Training Programs

While some insurance adjusters learn on the job, others receive training through short college programs. Read on to learn about courses offered, licensing requirements and career information for insurance adjusters. Learn more @...
2 July 2014
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Looking into Catastrophe work

I currently own an adjusting business in Northern Minnesota. I am a small ma and pa show and am getting pushed out by bigger, less expensive companies. I have wanted to get into Cat work but did not plan on it this early. I am licensed in MN and...
8 May 2014
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ICAP for Veterans

Are there any adjusters who have completed ICAP and will it help getting deployed?

ex-Combat Engineer TX

17 April 2014
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USAA Certificartion in FL?

Anyone know of a certification class for USAA in FL for 2014?  I need to make sure I get a certification form.
30 March 2014
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Safest "REAL" Rope & Harness Training SE Coast recommendations please

Can anyone provide me a list of REAL Rope & Harness Training places where I can get certified, most likely FL, GA or South East? All the courses seem to be in TX or further. I've searched REI, SPRAT, AITECH in GA, other IA companies that offer...
11 March 2014
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TWIA and TFPA Certification Online

2021 Training has been providing online certification for TWIA starting in 2013.  Now for 2014 the certification includes both TWIA and TFPA Certification as once class for residential adjusters. There will be an additional course required to...
21 January 2014
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Questions about getting a reciprocal license in Florida

I have a question about getting licensed in Florida. I currently have my Texas All-Lines Adjuster license and want to get licensed in Florida. After reading Florida’s website, I am a bit confused.  As a non-resident of Florida, the license...
21 February 2013
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Thoughts on setting up an estimate in Simsol

If you are interested in a book we put together to assist flood adjusters we are assisting email me,, and ask. It is free, we are not Adjuster Pro.
16 December 2012
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Tallahassee Adjustor will pay for training

I am looking for a Tallahassee or close, seasoned adjustor, to ride with an learning xactimate from.  I will pay you I am not looking for something free.
31 October 2012
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State Farm Certification Class though Pilot

I finally took the State Farm Certification class after years of putting it off.  I was getting plenty of work without it and did not see a need to take it.  There are several options out there to take it.  I found places to take it at no cost...
26 October 2012
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Teachings from a \Seasoned\ Cat (Flood) Adjuster

By John A. Postava In 2004 (hard-to-believe it was over 7 years ago!), hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne brought more claim adjusters to Florida than swampland speculators in the 1920s. In retrospect, the “Fearsome...
31 October 2011
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AMCAT Training

I am a newly licensed adjuster, who is trying to get his foot in the door. I am well aware of how hard it is to do so. AMCAT told me they would put me on their roster if I prooved myself competient after their class, which I have no doubt I will....
13 April 2011
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What state licenses should an adjuster have?

I have heard a lot of different stories from different Adjusters on what state licenses to have. What do you think are the most important states to have??

12 September 2009
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Adjuster License types in Texas - advice neeed!

Howdy folks. I've been lurking on this site for awhile... thinking about becoming an adjuster. I'm in the insurance business (sales) right now and have been for 15 years...  getting burned out big time. Also have a residential home construction...
15 July 2008
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