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HOVER is a platform that transforms smartphone photos of any home to a fully measured, customizable 3D model so you can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize what the final project will look like.
8 March 2018
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Sorbent Solution Absorbents

Sorbent Solution is a distributor of absorbents for spill remediation and oil spill containment products. Products include absorbent pads and rolls, absorbent pillows, oil booms, hazmat spill kits, and oil-only sorbents.
23 July 2013
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With a phone Copytalk helps adjusters become more efficient & productive! We have a simple & easy way for you to document your notes, client interactions & meeting conversations for claims & investigations. would that be of...
26 June 2012
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CAAZORii Portable 1.8 lb Lapdesk |

 CAAZORII Lapdesk - Unique 3 piece construction benefit to user is no weight on lap. Portable, Lightweight, Stores in briefcase, Use on any seating surface; office, auto, truck, bench, folding chair, etc.

21 October 2011
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Catastrophe Career Specialties

Catastrophe Career Specialties

 THE 2010 EDITION OF THE BEST SELLING "OJT" CATASTROPHE TRAINING MANUAL IS NOW AVAILABLE! This 250 page e-book is without question the most informative literature on the market AND as always, comes with a 100% moneyback no questions...
1 December 2009
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New England Laser & Transit Company

 New England Laser & Transit Company is an online retailer for construction lasers, laser measuring devices, and transits. We service and sell brands such as:Leica, AGL, Agatec, Sokkia, Carlson and many more. Exclusive online retailer of the new...
15 October 2009
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A Hitch Mounted Ladder Rack, The Ladder CATY Ladder Rack

  The Ladder CATy Ladder Rack - The ONLY hitch mounted ladder rack on the market.   Designed with adjusters in mind, yet perfect for contractors and home inspectors, the Ladder CATy enables you to carry your ladder and your tools outside your...
12 October 2009
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RoofRanger - Tape Measure Deployment Aid

  Stop Living on the Edge - just $19.95! Measure roofs from the safety of the ridge with RoofRanger Created by an adjuster for adjusters, the RoofRanger is the simple tool that makes measuring roofs faster, easier and safer. Order online...
27 September 2009
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OrionCase L.L.C.

OrionCase is a distributor for severalmajor case corporations, including Pelican, Hardigg, Zarges, SKB, and Parker.  We specialize in reusable, weatherproof, transportable cases for any need from sensitive electronic equipment, to heavy tools,...
21 May 2009
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RAM Mounting Systems

        RAM Vehicle Laptop Mounts No-Drill Vehicle Laptop Mounts Install Lightning Fast! RAM Laptop Mounts are perfect for staff insurance adjusters, Independent Catastrophe Adjusters, non-catastrophe Adjusters or any...
15 January 2009
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Tool Experts

Tool Experts has a wide variety of instruments for the catastrophe adjuster.  Some of the more popular items include Cougar Paw Roof Boots, shingle guages, laser distrance measurement, moisture meters, and safety apparel.  With great prices, same...
23 June 2008
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A Drawing Tool Sketch-it Clipboard * Design and Drawing System |

    The Ultimate CAT ADJUSTOR Drawing Tool!  Field product that allows you to draw quick sketches without using a ruler.  The textured surface guides your pen or pencil to draw straight lines.  A CAT ADJUSTOR DREAM TOOL     PATENT...
30 April 2008
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STAY OFF THE SLIPPERY SLOPE! Tape-Dolly Tape-Dolly is a set of wheels that attach to the tip of your retractable measuring tape.  It enables you to push the tape blade over obstacles that would otherwise jam the tip and buckle the blade....
2 March 2008
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Cougar Paws

  From the site; Cougar Paws brand boots and accessories were developed by a guy like you - a roofer - so they know the "ups and downs" of working above the ground. They specialize in traction boots, tools and accessories for roofers,...
31 January 2008
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Wazoo Promotional products

Wazoo Inc. has been in operation for 26 years in the Texas panhandle.We specialize in company brand awarenss and name brand promotion through apparel or other promotional items.Having been a P&C adjuster for several years,I know the need for...
22 July 2007
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Process your claims more quickly with the organizational tool that secures your laptop, PDA, and other tools of the trade in your vehicle; all whithin arm's reach.

2 July 2007
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Disto laser measuring devices from Measure faster and more accurately with Leica Disto laser measuring device from Experienced adjusters help you select the right model and provide support after the sale. Check...
2 July 2007
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This is a unique product designed by a catastrophe adjuster for use by all that use this unique set of tools, climb a ladder, and estimate repairs for damaged buildings. The "CatManDo" system by CustomToolBelt will be welcomed by the experienced...
2 July 2007
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