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The 2018 Convention has been posted to allow for registration.

CE credits will again be available for most classes. Check out the presenters page for more details. HOTEL BLOCK CLOSES DECEMBER 14, 2017. PLEASE, BOOK EARLY! WE SOLD OUT LAST YEAR IN EARLY DECEMBER.

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From the Archive: Adjuster Murdered in Tampa Bay!

This post comes from the forum that we had during the years 2004 -2006.  We lost the forum but not the data.  The  discussion below is related to the killing of an adjuster doing her job 10 years ago on this date,  

13 November 2014
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Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)

Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)

From the Article Archive  Title: Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?) First Posted: Friday, November 26, 2004 Author: Gary White My son is now ready to go to college away from home and excluding approximately 21...
6 July 2014
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Works for Me

Subject: Works for Me Description:  Thread for ANYTHING in the world of adjusting that works to help get the job done- equipment, software, etc. In this thread adjusters share their thoughts on equipment that works for...
22 April 2010
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Revised Fee Schedule Survey & Comparison

Subject: Revised Fee Schedule Survey & Comparison Description:   Original Post by the author. (Note: This is from a 2004 forum post so the information is dated and many of the vendors have revised or updated their...
18 April 2010
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My Typical Daily Schedule

Subject: My Typical Daily Schedule Description:   A goof discussion related to work schedules to give an example of what can be...
18 April 2010
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E&O Coverage

Subject: E&O Coverage Description:   I don't see anything regarding E & O insurance mentioned. As independent adjusters do folks carry this type of protection as do most...
18 April 2010
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Proper Claim File Techniques

Subject: Proper Claim File Techniques Description:  This thread is being initiated to allow adjusters to share helpful techniques which may assist newer less experienced adjusters in properly handling and closing claim files....
17 April 2010
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Bad Faith Claims Handling-What Constitutes?

Subject: Bad Faith Claims Handling-What Constitutes? Description:   im has responded to Jerry's question with some great information useful to us all on bad faith claims. I'm a quasi "court watcher". It is a habit I picked up...
17 April 2010
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Wind vs. Water – Adjusting Practice

Subject: Wind vs. Water – Adjusting Practice Description:  WYO Bulletin Excerpt: In previous bulletins, FEMA discussed wind and flood investigative tips and a logical approach in addressing claims that involve both perils....
9 March 2010
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The Eight Deadliest Words and Phrases in Insurance

Subject: The Eight Deadliest Words and Phrases in Insurance Description:  Summary from an article by Gary Blake:   "By eliminating the following eight phrases, you can, in a single stroke, make your department's letters...
27 February 2009
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