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CEA Condominium Policy

Information on the CEA Condominium Policy

On this page you can download a sample of the policy,

4 March 2016
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CEA Renters Policy

Subject: CEA Renters Policy Description: California Earthquake Authority Renters Policy Current Edition: BEQ-4B (01-2016 edition) Excerpt; This policy is issued by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), a public instrumentality of the...
1 March 2009
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CEA Homeowners Policy

Info from the CEA website With a CEA homeowners earthquake insurance policy, you can choose the coverages and deductibles you need. We offer two policies for homeowners: Homeowne​rs Choice offers coverage for your house, building code...
1 March 2009
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CEA Claims Manual

Subject: CEA Claims Manual Description:  The CEA ( California Earthquake Authority) is committed to ensuring that every CEA claim is handled in a prompt, fair, and consistent...
28 February 2009
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