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30 March 2014
Yellowstone earthquake news confirmed after the 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck California on Friday. A 4.8 magnitude earthquake recently shook one of the most visited places in the country. The Yellowstone National Park which happens to sit on ...

Earthquake Aftershocks Rattle California

30 March 2014
Scary moments caught on tape as more than a hundred aftershocks rumble through California.

Earthquake Storm Shakes Southern California

30 March 2014
Quake and aftershocks rattle nerves and have many worried about what's coming next.

For Californians, 2 Earthquakes Have Put Preparedness...

30 March 2014
Jones, a seismologist at the United States Geological ... cross the San Andreas Fault. Mr. Garcetti’s decision to bring Ms. Jones to City Hall on a yearlong appointment, with weekly meetings devoted to earthquake presentation, came amid ...

Earthquake rattles Yellowstone National Park

30 March 2014
Since Thursday, there have been at least 25 recorded in the nation's first national park. Yellowstone National Park sits on top of a "supervolcano" that last erupted on a massive scale about 640,000 years ago. Scientists have estimated the ...

Earthquake Today: Los Angeles, California Continues to...

30 March 2014
A number of smaller aftershock earthquakes have been hitting the Los Angeles, California area over the past 24 hours following the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that struck on Friday night. The recent activity has put locals on edge and caused ...

Earthquake Today: California Earthquakes Force Evacuations in Los Angeles

30 March 2014
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A moderate earthquake that rattled a swath of Southern California forced several dozen people in one community out of their homes after firefighters discovered foundation problems that made the buildings unsafe to enter ...

California Earthquake Today: Aftershocks Continue in Los Angeles - NewsOXY

29 March 2014
California is still feeling aftershocks from Friday’s earthquake today, forcing many out of their homes. The earthquake had damaged the foundation in several homes and firefighters say the buildings were unsafe to enter. Fire crews red-tagged 20 ...

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes Los Angeles area, causing evacuations and sparking fears of bigger jolt

29 March 2014
"Tonight's earthquake is the second in two weeks, and reminds us to be prepared," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. It struck at 9:09 p.m. and was centered near La Habra in Orange County — about 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles ...

Earthquake: 4.4 quake strikes Los Angeles; 6 aftershocks so far

16 March 2014
A shallow, magnitude 4.4 earthquake was reported Monday morning five miles from Westwood, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 6:25 a.m. PDT at a depth of five miles. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

Earthquake strongly felt across Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A pre-dawn earthquake rolled across the Los Angeles basin on Monday, rattling residents from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach but causing no reported damage. The quake's...

Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles

It also startled local news anchors at KTLA, where news anchors dove under their desks and interrupted a report on singer Chris Brown as the anchorman yelled: “Earthquake ... a rude awakening to...

Los Angeles Earthquake 2014 Today Strike Southern...

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Los Angeles earthquake today 2014 just struck Southern California. The Los Angeles earthquake today March 17, 2014 began just before 6:30 am PST. LALATE offices...

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