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Author Message
Tom Toll (Tom)
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000 - 8:46 pm:   

Ladies and Gentlemen!! I waited and waited for someone to answer the oil in basement coverage question. No attempt was made, so I drew upon what I felt was correct. I was fortunate enough to have answered it right. What if I had answered it wrong? Would that have been reflective of my knowledge? Certainly not!! I have learned through the years that knowledge is important to any task undertaken. The primary goal of Jim's is to help and further educate all that participate on this web page. Are the vendors going to penalize you for answering incorrectly, certainly not. DO NOT be afraid of answering these coverage questions. Knowledge is a powerful weapon in furthering yourself in this adjusting endeavor. If you don't begin to start an attempt to answer, the companies and vendors that read this page may be somewhat reluctant to contract your services.
There is no such thing as a stupid question, nor a stupid answer. It is the lack of attempt that is stupid.
Jim Flynt is a knowledgable human being and is willing to share his years of experience and expertise with us. Let us not let him or ourselves down.
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