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Clerk of the Works ® Services

Clerk of the Works® - We Own the Trademark - Clerk it with Clerk of the Works® Services

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Clerk of the Works ® Services | Clerk of the Works | Time and Materials Review and Audits
Clerk of the Works ® Services Third Party Validation Services Coast to Coast
We are proud to announce that our Clerk of the Works ® Software is Part of a Powerful Time and Materials Software Package and is providing Solutions to the Largest Restoration Firms and Networks in the USA and Canada. Clerk of the Works Software is a Powerful Audit and Validation Software Program and can now be found as 1 of the 5 Programs available with Time and Material PLUS II Software package. 

The services of Clerk of the Works ® and Property Loss Consultants varies with each client, and from project to project. Some projects require a team of consultants and experts, each specializing in one area. In other projects, Property Loss Consultants and Clerk of the Works ® work independently and report only to the Company that hired them. In all cases, consultants and Clerks collect, review, and analyze information in order to make recommendations back to the company that hired them.


Both public and private organizations use Property Loss Consultants and Clerk of the Works ® Services for a variety of reasons. Some lack the internal resources needed to handle a project, while others need a third parties expertise to assist them during Catastrophe Situations and documentation pretaining to their property loss activities.

To Find out more about Clerk of the Works Services visit our Website at

Put our Experience to work - over 26 Years of Property Loss Experience


Clerk of the Works ® Services . - Validate it Before you Pay it™ - Validation Services that Represent the Facts and Nothing Less.
Validate IT Before you Pay It ™ - is an awareness campaign to Insurance Adjuster and Business Owners.


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