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Adjuster School

Experience is Everything!

The Adjuster School is a Certified continuing education provider by the Texas Department of Insurance (Provider # 33399). We offer courses for individuals that are interested in obtaining the highly recognized Texas All-Lines Adjuster’s License (Classroom course & On-Line course), which is the most versatile and sought after adjuster’s license in the Insurance industry. In addition to the Texas All-Lines course, we also offer Xactimate 28 Training, Advanced Xactimate 28 Training, The Keys to Success in Adjuster Training, Property Field Adjuster Training, Auto Adjuster Technical Training,  and On-Line Continuing Education for Agents & Adjusters.
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Adjuster Academy of Missouri

Write your next claim with confidence

Adjuster Academy offers comprehensive insurance adjuster training services to individuals.Our students come to us to learn everything about property insurance adjusting.  From step one to 100, you’ll get every detail you to do the job right when handling claims.  Our five-day insurance adjuster training course gives you the tools to earn a nice living and run your own business. Enroll today!

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Adjusting Online

Adjusting Online

 Get your license and training online!
Flood Adjusting
Mentorship Bundle
All-in-one Bundle
Free Preview Course


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MileHigh Adjusters Houston, Inc.


MileHigh Adjusters Houston, Inc.

Here at MileHigh Adjusters Houston, Inc., we are a new Adjuster Training Facility in Houston, Texas that mirrors Mike Popejoy's company in Denver, Colorado (Mile High Adjusters, LLC). 

We offer the same courses and use the same corriculum. 

Our instructors are all Level 3 Xactimate Certified. 

Our mission is to help people who may want to start a new career, to current adjusters who may desire a tune up from the training they received years ago, to adjusters who may want to place themselves on our roster (they must have 100 claims under their belt to sign up for our roster). 

Our brand new state of the art classroom is set up to hold up to 60 students per training course. 

We have a small mock up house built within our facility for our instructors and students to use. 

As well as a mock up bathroom and kitchen for training. 

We have recently added a platform along 2 sides of the house to facilitate our students observing the instructor training on roof inspection techniques. 

We plan to start up an Xactimate Level 1 Certification Class soon. 

Another addition will be a Drone Training Class that we hope to have up and running by mid 2020.

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Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute

"The #1 Rated Insurance Education and Training Firm in Texas"

Catastrophe Adjusting Training Institute (CATI) and its' parent company, Hamilton Catastrophe Claims, has been in the independent claims industry for 32+ years. CATI is the top-rated training facility in the state of Texas. With 14,000 square feet of classroom space including mock-up structures demonstrating up to 200 claim scenarios, we prepare new adjusters to land on their feet in this highly competitive industry. We offer Texas All-Lines Prelicensing, our state-of-the-art Adjusting 101 "Survive the Storm" hands-on course for the fundamentals of claims and Beginner & Advanced Xactimate training. We also offer training to provide experienced adjusters obtain continuing education credits and advance their skill sets. Affordable, thorough and highly recommended, CATI's training will provide the education you need to be the best adjuster possible.
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Academy of Insurance Adjusting

Exceptional Results from Hands on Instruction

AIA’s approach to teaching is designed to enhance your learning experience. Our small class size, one-on-one hands on training, property damage labs,  opportunity to experience sample materials and scenarios all help prepare our participants with the knowledge and skills required in-the-field as insurance adjusters, insurance appraisers, insurance estimators, insurance examiners, contractors and insurance company personnel.

Our team of expert instructors are well known and respected professionals in the insurance industry with over 100 years of combined experience and have collectively handled over 100,000 files.

All of AIA’s courses are developed by practicing insurance adjusters who have been involved in thousands of insurance claims, bring a real world perspective to the classroom and are focused on your success. AIA has courses designed for both adjusters just starting their careers, as well veteran adjusters looking to sharpen their skills and increase their efficiency.

Our core values support our mission of giving you the best tools to prepare you to go from our classrooms to deployment.Insurance Adjusting can be a tough and rewarding career. By providing good direction,  AIA can enhance your potential and earnings in this ever-changing profession.

We offer courses a variety of courses including in Adjusting, Xactimate, Earthquake, Environmental, File Reviewing, Policy, Scoping, Construction, License, and Ethics and are adding more classes each quarter.

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3rd Rock Air LLC

Stop Being a Roof Walker

 Let us help you get your commercial Drone license.

We know you're an expert when it comes to estimating damage to a structure, but time is money and by using a Drone to gather data you can decrease the time it takes to prepare a report and allow you to inspect more properties in a day. Keep that ladder on the truck.

We offer both classroom based and online courses covering such topics as:

  • Hands on flight skills
  • Understanding autonomous flight modes
  • Preparation for your FAA Part 107 exam
  • Photography/Videography skills

and more. Visit us at 3rd Rock Air




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National Claims Adjusters, Inc

National Claims Adjusters, Inc is a national Third Party Administrator and Independent Adjusting firm that services the 48 continental US states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and 6 Canadian cities.

Our Beginner Adjusting School is designed to teach the new adjuster, and adjusters with little to no real experience, how to properly adjust a claim.

You will be taught how to properly adjust a Property Claim, how to write estimates in Xactimate, how to conduct a Liability Investigation, how to obtain Recorded Statements, how to write Reports, etc.   

When you have completed our 5-day course, you will have a firm understanding of your responsibilities as adjuster, how to be a professional adjusters, so that you will have years of success in this industry.

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Veterans Adjusting School

The Special Ops of Adjuster Training

Veterans Adjusting School

Veteran Adjusting School LLC (VAS).  Founded in 2012 VAS is the first catastrophe adjuster specific vocational school in the country. Licensed by the Post-Secondary board of education in Arizona VAS is also the only school in the country approved by the VA to accept VA educational benefits for new adjuster training. That means our returning service members now have a way to enter the adjusting professional and have their education paid for by the VA.

VAS is not specifically limited to veterans and accepts any individual willing to put in the time and dedication to being one of the best trained adjusters in the industry. Our six week intensive training requires the participants to not only come to Arizona for the training but to live in student housing thus creating a cadre of adjusters that support each other during school and in the field.  Once graduated from VAS a VAS-Trained Adjuster has his cadre, all other VAS cadre’s and the VAS leadership to mentor them until they are successful.

VAS has a 98% graduation rate, a 98% job placement rate and over 20 national IA firms that partner with us.  Our partners are willing to waive their 2-4 work experience requirements because they know the commitment, dedication and quality of a VAS-Trained Adjuster.  The average time from graduation to first claim closed is just under 30 days.

For more information go to:

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American Adjuster Academy

Adjuster Licensing Courses Created BY Adjusters, FOR Adjusters!

American Adjuster Academy

Welcome To American Adjuster Academy

Your Adjuster Career starts here! Our guidance will help you launch your insurance adjusting career in the right direction. Our instructors are the best in the industry! We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality training available.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality training programs, both online and in our classroom. Whether you are just starting your insurance adjusting career or you are a seasoned adjuster looking for continuing education and training, we are your complete resource.

adjuster training







View Our January Classroom Schedule

Texas Pre-Licensing

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2021 Training, LLC

Live Experience in Online Training

2021 Training, LLC

2021 Training is the latest in online training.  We emulate live classroom experience for new adjusters getting into the field.  

Our training is available online 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  Don't waste time with travel and hotel expenses.  Spend your money where you will get benefit from it.

We offer TX Pre-Licensing Training for new adjusters as well as Xactimate training.  There are also classes such as our Practical Adjusting class that will help the new adjuster be successful from day one on his or her first deployment.

Our classes are second to none and will provide you with everything you need to start a successful career in insurance adjuster.  

We also offer a large assortment of online CE classes for Texas license renewals.

Start Here

Adjuster Pro LLC

Resources for Success
AdjusterPro’s unique website is dedicated to advancing the career of the insurance adjusterthrough personal career consultation, adjuster licensing, software training, continuing education courses, resume guidance, and job advice. Find out how to become an insurance adjuster or advance your insurance adjuster career today with the only career resource you will need –AdjusterPro.


Phone: 214.606.8370 
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National Institute of Adjusting

Learn and Train with the BEST, we care about your success


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Learn Insurance

Insurance Claims Adjuster Training - 2010 Approved and Updated - Skip the State Exam

Learn Insurance is a state-approved provider of Texas insurance adjuster license training course.

Save $60 and Get Connected to Our Insurance Adjuster Expert for FREE

40 hour Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster License Training Course has been updated according to the 2010 guidelines by TDI. Don’t get fooled by taking unapproved and old courses as that will require you to apply for the license again.

You will get phone and email access to our insurance adjuster exam expert by registering for the insurance adjuster license training. Visit our website to get more information about the insurance adjuster license exam, how to become an insurance claims adjuster and how the Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster License Training Course will help you become an Insurance claims adjuster.

Take our state-approved online exam and become a Texas insurance adjuster now!


This Classroom Equivalent Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster License Training Course is updated for 2010 guidelines and you will not require a proctor while taking the online exam followed by the course.

You can take the exam in the presence of a disinterested third party i.e. anyone who is not your relative or anyone who will not benefit from you becoming an insurance adjuster.

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Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio

Training Tommorrow's Adjuster Today!

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio


Start your Adjusting career here!

Don't just get your license.

Become a WORKING Adjuster!


Texas Adjuster Licensing and Adjuster Skills Training in San Antonio, Texas

Starting your career with Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is fastest way to become a successful adjuster. Our guidance will help you launch your insurance adjusting career in the right direction. Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio offers the best value in quality training for your adjusting career, from licensing to meeting and fulfilling your continuing education needs. We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality adjuster training available. Our focus is on the education you will receive while attending Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio courses.

Our instructors are the best in the business!

We guarantee you will pass the licensing exam or we will provide you with a personal coach and let you take the exam again for free!

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is proud to offer the highest quality adjuster specific training available. Each of our instructors are certified with five years of experience teaching the course they lead. We have over 20 years of experience working as claims adjusters, "inside adjusters", and claims managers in all types of catastrophes, including hurricanes, floods, fires, and windstorms.  We not only teach you to get your license, we teach you how to become a "working" adjuster.  We show you what is necessary to become a "hip-pocket" adjuster that the independent firms can not do without!

Current Course Offerings 

3 Day - Texas All Lines Pre-Licensing:
This 3 day course satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for obtaining your Texas insurance adjuster license. No additional courses or tests necessary.

2 Day - Intro to Xactimate and Sketch:
This 2 day software training program will teach students the basics and some advanced aspects of the most popular estimating software in the insurance industry. You will be able to walk into any situation with confidence!
5 Day - Adjuster Training Program:
Learn the skills you need from start to finish.  Learn what it takes to get on site, scope losses, evaluate policies, and close claims.  learn the proper equipment, measuring techniques, and photo documentation of claims. 

4 Day - Advanced Xactimate + Sketch:
This four-day course is instructed by experienced, licensed, Level 3 certified adjusters. During this course, we will teach you how to use Xactimate to complete accurate and professional estimates and sketches.

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is a Texas Dept. of Insurance registered education provider (#36187) offering Texas All Lines Adjuster Licensing, Adjuster Training and Continuing Education for adjusters who are seeking real-world and quality training by experienced professionals at an affordable price.

We can not promise immediate employment, however;  Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to suceed with sound and honest career  guidance and quality training for your adjusting career, from licensing to meeting your continuing education needs.

Our instructors are the best in the business and are certified with at least five years of experience teaching adjusting courses. Providing the highest quality training available, our instructors offer over 20 years experience working as claims adjusters in all types of catastrophes including, hurricanes, floods, fires, and windstorms. Our instructors also have multiple years of experience working as "inside adjusters" and claims managers.

We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality training available. 



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Insurance Training U / All-Lines Training

By Adjusters, For Adjusters

 Insurance Training U / All-Lines Training is the premier provider for all of your Licensing and Continuing Education needs.   Visit our website today at or call 877.934.4800.

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Adjusters 411 Training, Inc

Adjusters 411 Training, Inc



Adjusters 411 Training specializes in Adjuster training, from basic to advanced.  We offer Level I, II, and III Xactimate training from a Certified Xactimate Affiliate Trainer.

For information about our Xactimate training, please visit:

For a complete course schedule and price listing on all of adjuster courses, including Xactimate, please visit:

To see our homepage, please visit:


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AE21 Inc.

The Making of a Claims Professional


Welcome to AE21 Online. Our online programs offer the widest variety of online adjuster licensing and the highest quality claims training and continuing education programs in America, covering issues, topics and challenges that insurance adjusters, case managers and risk professionals encounter every day in the world of claims.

Vastly superior to any other online “claims” curriculum available on the market today, our interactive, reinforced learning process ensures maximum understanding and retention that will have an immediate and positive impact on each student’s level of knowledge and skill-set. Nowhere in the industry will you find a more technically appropriate, affordable and convenient learning experience for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in the world of property, casualty and workers’ compensation insurance claims.  Take a look at all of the programs that AE21 Online has for you and/or your staff...

 Adjuster Training


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Watermark (Xactimate Online Courses)

Xactimate Classroom and Online Training

Watermark (Xactimate Online Courses)


Xactimate X1 Desktop Online Classes (Live)

Learn, Update, or Refresh on the newest version of Xactimate - X1 Desktop in this comprehensive 3 day online class.  Approved for 22 hours for FL Property Adjusters and 14 hours IICRC CE.  Classes Monthly. Learn More.

Xactimate X1 Desktop: Getting Started (Self-Paced)

Get up to speed on the newest Xactimate!  This course gets you started using Xactimate to create your first project, learning to navigate through the program, and helpful settings to make the most of your time.  This is the first course, in a series of courses by Watermark.  Get Started Now!  Learn More.

Xactimate 28 Users: Getting Started Series (Self-Paced)
Comprehensive self-paced course; Getting Started, Interior Sketch, Estimate Items, Sketch Roofing, Writing Estimates, Completing Projects, & more!  Approved for GA, OK, FL, TX, IICRC CE.  Get Started Now!  Learn More.

Classes are conducted by Sean M. Burgess, an experienced field adjuster and estimator, who is also an Xactimate Certified Trainer (XCT).

Learn More at!

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Securing Six Figure Careers In The Storm Claims Industry


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Haag Education & Haag Engineering Co.

DO YOU NEED CE Credits. We are a provider in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Wyoming & New Hamphire

Haag Engineering Co. offers a wide variety of training seminars on many topics related to failure and damage assessment. Seminar topics include almost all types of roofing, foundations, siding and framing, lightning damage, electrical issues, fire origin & cause, and many more.
  Haag Engineering creates its seminars with students' needs in mind. If there is a seminar topic you don't see listed here, just ask. We create custom seminars for organizations on demand, and we are always looking for new topics to expand our seminar library. As always, our seminars are presented by professional engineers with  years of experience and expertise in their fields.
   For the latest listing of seminar dates, locations, and topics please visit our website at You'll also find information on available continuing education credit, as well as information on our educational publications and products.
   Thank you for your interest in Haag Engineering's seminars!


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Vale Training Solutions

"Where Learning is Engaging"

Vale Training Solutions

**NEW** CA Earthquake and Xactimate27 Training Webinars!!!

Specialized In Engaging Training For 60 Years...

Our staff of expert instructors is unparalleled in training excellence, offering over 150 years of combined experience in Education, Insurance, Auto Repair, Construction and Claims. We offer a variety of programs and classes geared for today’s challenging market.

Classroom Training Courses  

  • Residential and Commercial Damage Estimating
  • Homeowners Adjusting
  • Xactimate 27
  • Earthquake
  • Green Risks
  • Commercial Policies Property Adjusting
  • Business Interruption
  • Casualty and Liability
  • Auto Estimating
  • Tractor-Trailer Estimating

Vale's estimating courses use all of the leading information provider systems: Audatex, Mitchell, Pathways, Integriclaim, Power Claim, Simsol, Symbility and Xactware.

Thousands of working professionals enroll in online courses when it is not practical to attend classroom training classes. Vale Online offers you the opportunity to obtain quality online training courses that meet your flexibility and convenience, at an affordable price.

Online Training Courses

  • Texas Adjuster Licensing
  • Pre-Licensing
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Professional Designations
  • Professional Development 
  • Business and Finance
  • OSHA Workplace
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Ethics and Compliance


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Adjuster Pro LLC

Resources for Success

AdjusterPro’s unique website is dedicated to advancing the career of the insurance adjuster through personal career consultation, adjuster licensing, software training, continuing education courses, resume guidance, and job advice. Find out how to become an insurance adjuster or advance your insurance adjuster career today with the only career resource you will need – AdjusterPro.


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