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Time and Expense Scandal Brewing?Ghostbuster57 8-26-02  9:10 pm
Hurricane Andrew - A View From 10 Years LaterLee Mushaney10 8-26-02  4:48 pm
Xactimate can be easyDale Strain8-21-02  5:06 pm
NewBee 101: Your First Real Stormmark salmon18 8-18-02  10:59 pm
2002 XACTIMATE PROBLEMS, CLAIM MANAGERS Don Politte50 8-12-02  4:41 pm
Hidden hail hitsRoy Cupps8-06-02  11:32 am
Dancing with Wolves...John A. Postava8-05-02  7:45 pm
The T-Shirt StoreLee Mushaney8-03-02  12:09 pm
Becoming an AdjusterClayton Carr7-31-02  12:31 pm
"Depreciation" Illegal Term in California?Clayton Carr19 7-31-02  11:38 am
Insurance Industry FACT Of The DayJim Flynt36 7-28-02  11:00 pm
Bad Faith Claims Handling-What Constitutes?Clayton Carr12 7-28-02  12:52 am
How To Avoid Bad Faith ClaimsClayton Carr7-27-02  11:47 pm
Required Elements: Bad Faith in California, Texas, Alabama & Il...Jerry Enebo7-26-02  9:07 am
Realistic Day RatesGhostbuster10 7-23-02  10:52 pm
The Software Mazerw morris7-19-02  8:16 pm
Xactimate or Xact-extortionJackCash12 7-17-02  12:49 pm
Who is sitting at home on standby for NCA, or any other Cat. Co?JackCash13 7-17-02  10:40 am
Weather control, bye bye hurricanesJim Docherty7-17-02  9:49 am
CLAIMS ON PRE-CONDITIONSGil C. Newton7-17-02  9:39 am
Recent AD For PA'sGhostbuster7-15-02  10:37 pm
Marine Loss AdjustersCarlos Peralta7-14-02  9:54 am
Major Changes On The Way At FWUAjoseph m lombardo jr7-13-02  8:10 am
In my opinion,Gil C. Newton7-11-02  5:54 pm
Proper repairsTom Strickland6-28-02  11:01 am
Where are you?Kile Anderson6-27-02  8:53 pm
They say Andrew was a "5" (but he'll always be a "10" in my book!)....John A. Postava6-27-02  3:33 pm
OverLawyeredJim Flynt6-21-02  11:03 am
Look what the politicians have in store for youJim Flynt6-21-02  10:53 am
Positive and Progressive ExpectationsRoy Cupps14 6-19-02  12:33 am
POWERCLAIM MERGES WITH SIMSOLmark salmon6-18-02  1:07 am
How Do I Become A Large Loss AdjusterClayton Carr6-13-02  11:18 am
Price Databases - Positives and NegativesScott Wiens6-12-02  10:38 pm
FWUA "Mold Strategy"Jim Flynt6-11-02  9:17 am
How True It Is!!!!Chuck Deaton6-06-02  11:20 pm
Is big brother watching?rw morris33 6-06-02  12:11 pm
FWUA Hold Harmless Agreementmark salmon6-06-02  11:16 am
Insurance Industry FACT Of The Day: Feedback & DiscussionJim Flynt6-03-02  12:19 pm
Forum Server UpgradeRoy Cupps5-31-02  9:54 am
Looking for work from recent storms!!!!!!!!!!!Scott Blaney5-15-02  5:01 pm
Hail storms in KYWilliam Raymond Chen5-13-02  10:16 am
All you need to know to be a cat adjuster !mark salmon14 5-11-02  10:16 am
TEXASAndrew K. Sloane12 5-11-02  7:22 am
Education vs ExperienceFive Daily5-09-02  9:48 pm
Copyright Basics 101Chuck Deaton5-01-02  9:35 pm
Uncle Ghostbuster's Ruffled Feathers ClubGhostbuster26 5-01-02  9:31 pm
How do you really know, before you go?Jim Flynt4-28-02  9:20 am
What claims management system do you useJeff Goodman4-25-02  11:33 pm
WHO is 'Ghostbuster'?Jim Flynt4-21-02  12:30 am
Will Cat Adjusting Be DEAD Within 2 Years As We Know It?John Mcmennamy68 4-20-02  11:36 pm
Why I Chose To Be An AdjusterDan Meler10 4-16-02  11:58 pm
Friendly firejoseph m lombardo jr12 4-15-02  8:11 am
EducationAndrew K. Sloane4-09-02  4:30 am
"Thar She Blows" 2002joseph m lombardo jr4-06-02  12:20 pm
Not just another gruntD Wong Whey13 4-05-02  1:46 pm
Is The Whole World Turning To Xactimate?Andrew K. Sloane13 4-04-02  8:16 am
Texas Homeowners Form-B and Replacement Cost Endorsement HO-101Andrew K. Sloane3-31-02  11:42 am
Will New 5-day Forecast Change Vendor Standby Requirements?mark salmon3-29-02  9:09 pm
Any thoughts on advertising?D Wong Whey3-28-02  11:26 am
Adjusters Becoming PA'sDan Meler38 3-23-02  12:31 pm
Glut of cat companies?Dan Meler3-23-02  12:19 pm
New EstimatingGhostbuster10 3-21-02  2:08 pm
Health Insurance seems hard to obtain(?)Bob Morris3-21-02  1:35 pm
More Heavy rains/ Increasing FLOOD threat next week Ohio and Ten...DT3-21-02  9:49 am
Hail Damage PhotosBruce3-21-02  9:14 am
Where is Ghostbuster?Linda Asberry16 3-19-02  8:39 pm
EMails-Rumors-Vandalisms- David P Bennett3-18-02  5:04 pm
FC & S Bulletins mike stephenson3-15-02  3:11 pm
Does anybody still do it the old fashioned way? D Wong Whey3-10-02  8:51 pm
Arbitration vs AppraisalD Wong Whey3-07-02  7:08 am
THIS PROBABLY SOUNDS CRAZY, BUTjoseph m lombardo jr3-06-02  3:01 pm
Open Letter To Jim FlyntJohn Durham2-27-02  12:57 pm
Not sureGale Hawkins13 2-27-02  11:47 am
Sakansky John Durham2-21-02  4:41 pm
Ice storm in KansasTom Strickland2-09-02  8:54 am
Oh! My Tax Time--TipsGale Hawkins2-03-02  5:01 pm
Don't everyone see what happens!!!D Wong Whey2-02-02  9:02 pm
Nashville floodsDavid_dye1-30-02  1:48 pm
Good year, Not the tire companyBchene1-30-02  12:11 pm
Contractors as AdjustersDwongwhey24 1-30-02  10:50 am
MS-DDS FeesJimlakes13 1-30-02  9:33 am
Appraiser or adjuster?Kelley Roberson1-24-02  11:04 am
And the Problem IS?Bruce146 1-21-02  10:29 pm
Salaries for CAT staff adjusters? Jack Lemley1-05-02  5:44 pm
CAT Adjuster CO-OP ThoughtsTomS55 1-04-02  6:03 am
An Open Letter to Pilotjust asking1-01-02  9:53 pm
How Much Are Good Adjusters Worth?Longtime adjuster1-01-02  9:41 pm
Where is the MONEY? The creation of a Standard Fee ScheduleBig Money10 12-19-01  12:14 pm
IN or OUT?Ghostbuster12-18-01  5:24 pm
CADO - Catastrophe Adjusting Development OrganizationRUSSELL E. DOE40 12-18-01  8:40 am
Appraisal Clause in Every State??Steve Beaumont12-14-01  7:57 pm
Can Adjusters change the "statute of limitations" with their estima...Todd Summers27 12-10-01  1:37 pm
Virus emailstomweems25 12-06-01  11:14 am
Industry facing Brain Drain?mark11-26-01  10:17 am
"Catadjusting 2002+"RUSSELL E. DOE11-26-01  8:10 am
Adjuster SchoolClayton Carr36 11-17-01  11:46 am
Does An EXCEPTION To A Policy Exclusion Really Mean CoverageMike31 11-16-01  9:39 pm
Proper Claim File TechniquesJim Lakes55 11-11-01  1:00 pm
Wednesday night stormsAlice34 10-31-01  4:46 pm
Snake Farm LawsuitsKile Anderson96 10-30-01  9:24 am
The Future Looks Bright....Gale Hawkins20 10-13-01  12:35 am
Contactual obligation while working and not working for VendorJim Flynt12 10-05-01  6:38 am
You Must Use "Utopia Ware"Gale Hawkins32 10-02-01  9:43 pm
Location, location, location- is there a best place in the country ...Brent9-29-01  9:58 am
Parr InspectionsSteve Byrd9-12-01  11:24 pm
"48 Hours"alan jackson22 9-09-01  7:13 pm
Can anyone answer this question?Claimsranger/Andrew 19 8-24-01  9:57 am
How Do I Get Started As A Cat Adjuster??DoniLynn38 8-16-01  4:19 pm
The Price of Adjusting SoftwareGale Hawkins43 8-08-01  11:07 am
Accident/Disability/Life Insurance for AdjustersDavid Houtz8-01-01  7:53 am
New Coverage Question Part 1 of severalTom Mrachek37 7-26-01  12:54 am
FRAUD OR GOOD BUSINESSGhostbuster24 7-20-01  9:18 am
Adjusting Software "of the Future"R.D. Hood13 6-30-01  3:39 pm
Appraisalsam mikhail6-21-01  9:25 am
Casualty CATSSharleneStarner6-12-01  1:55 pm
Digital PhotographyTom Toll75 6-12-01  8:09 am
Professionalism - Lack Thereof mark5-31-01  11:34 pm
Do The Right Thing.John Durham5-28-01  1:24 pm
E-mailing filesJohn Johnson5-25-01  5:35 pm
NCA Change in PolicyRuss Doe5-24-01  11:22 am
Public Adjusters Videotaping the inspection of adjustersCecelia Sharpe5-23-01  10:17 pm
Depreciation - A form of "punishment"?John Johnson5-21-01  5:26 am
Flood Certification - Depreciation By Line ItemGale Hawkins5-15-01  11:35 pm
Dry SpellGale Hawkins5-08-01  9:18 pm
DepreciationDarryl Martin5-08-01  4:39 pm
Continuous Flooring surfacesVince Tabor5-06-01  12:20 am
2000 - Lowest Dollar Number In Catastrophe Losses in 100 Years?mark12 3-29-01  10:49 am
Dehydration It can Hurt you as fast as a fall!!!Karen Murphy13 3-19-01  1:51 pm
Seattle - The Earthquake That Couldn'tJosie Mayes3-18-01  8:29 pm
Why all the nasty talk recentlyGale Hawkins3-09-01  8:06 pm
PuzzlerDavid P Bennett2-17-01  5:35 pm
O&P who really decides?Cecil Kraft10 2-17-01  7:33 am
Suppose?????David G. Dye2-14-01  8:26 pm
What does everbody think about Impact ResistanceGreg Scott16 1-31-01  12:31 am
RecruitmentSteven W. Ebner10 1-30-01  3:02 am
Texas Senate Bill 365Greg Scott1-28-01  3:54 am
Farmers certification classadjstrjoe1-26-01  4:03 pm
A "Preferred Contractor Network" for Cat Adjusters?Greg Scott11 1-23-01  11:03 am
What states require licenses for P & C company adjusters?Roy Cupps1-11-01  1:15 pm
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