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Civil Lawsuit against CAT companySandra Thompson134 9-28-01  12:37 am
Use of the Bulletin Board vs. the ForumsJim Flynt9-27-01  10:00 am
Is it REALLY all THAT SLOW out there RIGHT NOW?Gale Hawkins5-18-01  11:29 pm
LIES, SLANDER, RUMORS AND INNUENDO ~ PLEASE READGhostbuster14 11-20-00  9:40 am
Valued policy statesJim6-28-00  12:01 pm
What is proper method for application of depreciationDhackney6-27-00  12:22 pm
"THE BOTTOM LINE"Dave6-25-00  10:41 am
Remember, we are just employees...Ghostbuster6-25-00  10:38 am
Posting by anonymous usersGale6-20-00  8:25 pm
Is it time for a UNION!!!!??????Jimlakes22 6-19-00  9:03 pm
A Small Favor, Please.Ghostbuster6-19-00  7:09 pm
Mid-America Catastrophe - Class ActionRoy Cupps12 6-18-00  2:34 pm
Vendor PraiseBob Barton31 6-18-00  3:19 am
FWUA Manager's Meeting TopicsGreg Roth6-16-00  10:22 am
Inquiring about SCS & AssociatesJim Dennig6-16-00  8:20 am
National Insurance Carrier Spelling Bee & CertificationTom Weems6-14-00  9:42 am
"Where you think we are headed"Tom Joyce23 6-12-00  7:34 pm
Gas cost continues to rise - murphy6-09-00  9:49 pm
Old Dog Learns New TrickGale Hawkins6-09-00  12:08 pm
Too Many AccidentsR.D. Hood6-08-00  9:28 am
A New Wrinkle - Litigation Surronding Estimate Depreciation.Frenchie Boy6-03-00  10:23 am
Info.on a vendorJIM SHAFRATH6-02-00  10:27 pm
AUTO ESTIMATINGksmith5-31-00  10:18 pm
WWF Insuranceolder then dirt14 5-29-00  4:24 pm
Cellphone, isp, & pager service Don Politte5-28-00  3:00 pm
Why is it so quiet in here?Kile Anderson29 5-20-00  9:06 pm
Here is something newJim Flynt10 5-18-00  12:57 pm
GAB Robins Feedback please.....keithn5-18-00  10:57 am
E MAIL and your freedom...................Chuck Deaton13 5-17-00  7:25 am
Question abuot vendorP.Marx5-14-00  8:05 pm
CADO Social in Dallas on June 6 or June 9??davidgye5-14-00  12:37 am
Customer ServiceHorace Smith19 5-12-00  11:27 pm
How many Independent AdjustersIn the USTom Weems5-11-00  4:38 pm
In chargeSoToTex5-11-00  4:18 pm
Bad Faith, You Tell Me?Old Dog13 5-10-00  12:09 pm
Seminar Season Againmurphy14 5-10-00  9:34 am
OversprayJo5-09-00  1:40 pm
CADO Joke (Clean) CornerOld Dog15 5-09-00  11:19 am
I know I must be in Texasolder then dirt5-09-00  10:01 am
CADO CommentsJohn Durham24 5-09-00  9:06 am
Tricks of The TradeJim Flynt14 5-09-00  7:42 am
Roof Safety for Cat Adjustersstorm pro73 5-07-00  8:26 am
Best Wishes to BRYAN BARCLAY of GAB Robins Nat CatTOM STRICKLNAD5-06-00  8:29 am
Hail MaryJim5-04-00  10:55 am
Glen Garoutte OUR PRAYERS are with youRoy Cupps19 4-30-00  12:51 am
WELCOME to our INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS in INSURANCEJim Flynt18 4-28-00  11:43 am
Making the Wrong CallTom Toll4-27-00  10:07 pm
Starting A Career In Auto Claimsmike4-27-00  7:20 am
131 Claims HandlingRuss Lott4-26-00  3:02 am
LACK OF POSTINGSMKDCO24 4-25-00  4:13 pm
EGOSteve Ebner19 4-24-00  10:14 pm
What If ? FC&S BulletinsJim Flynt4-20-00  9:46 pm
Crawford and Company now owns PRISM?Bill Ferguson4-19-00  10:14 pm
Internet Service ProviderTom Weems4-19-00  3:13 pm
Job: Executive Director, Disaster Housing InspectionKent Clizbe4-16-00  8:25 pm
BickeringAdjusterwandering4-15-00  9:34 am
Wanted - Management -Postitiona.jackson4-14-00  12:07 pm
Allstate Reinspection Program, et alDon Elkinton4-13-00  9:40 pm
Dailpad.coml. watts4-12-00  12:34 pm
New FWUA test for Commercial & CondosTom Weems4-12-00  9:28 am
Software for auto adjustersold dog4-10-00  11:40 am
A POLL for a CADO CONVENTION in 2001Ghostbuster34 4-08-00  2:32 pm
Are Contractors Taking Over???paladin4-08-00  12:21 pm
Year 2000 Hurricane ForcastR.D. Hood4-08-00  12:05 am
Anybody know anything about working for AIG internationally?THE PHANTOM4-07-00  11:23 am
Change in the WindLMUSHRED4-05-00  4:52 pm
AIG Cat ClaimsJCL4-04-00  5:36 pm
Ward north americaJim Hutt4-04-00  4:59 pm
Are public adjusters the same as independant adjusters old timer4-03-00  4:42 pm
I don't want to be taken for GraniteMKDCO11 4-02-00  1:20 am
E-Commerce and USGale Hawkins21 6-14-00  10:50 pm
What Are We Working ForBobby L. Stovall2-13-00  1:57 pm
Adjuster owned Cat Company proposedksmith3-28-00  9:12 am
Personal insurance for adjusters phillip franco3-27-00  7:06 pm
Policy KitdaBear3-27-00  8:42 am
Casualty Cat WorkTom Joyce3-25-00  10:41 am
How would YOU handle this? What would YOU suggest?Lance J. Hoffman25 3-22-00  5:24 pm
Adjuster vs. DRPGhostbuster38 3-22-00  11:50 am
General InformationTom Joyce3-22-00  9:40 am
LAW -- RECORDED TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONSDavid P Bennett16 3-19-00  4:46 pm
Travelers,Allstate,be honest32 3-17-00  4:13 pm
A claims nightmare is going onGhostbuster3-14-00  2:24 pm
Levity or idle hands ?Ghostbuster3-11-00  10:02 am
Temporary clerical help on the roadValRachel Ebner3-15-00  9:13 pm
CADO Convention?Tom37 3-16-00  10:30 am
Selling RoofsJ. Odermann3-10-00  9:10 am
Loyal to One CompanySteve Ebner3-09-00  11:06 pm
Hardwood Floor DiscussionTomj3-06-00  2:26 pm
SCENARIO - WHAT would YOU do? David Bennett3-06-00  1:54 pm
Mr PHANTOM as a role modelMicky Dee10 2-29-00  8:48 am
Does anyone use ITEL???Tom2-25-00  1:57 pm
E & O coverageKaren Murphy2-23-00  7:37 pm
PARDEEP SIDHU your name is now in LIGHTSWendy3-13-00  7:34 pm
In Between Storms - How can I make money???Trent Massey11 3-10-00  2:28 am
NACA INVASIONwoody2-20-00  10:36 pm
Getting started as a cat adjusterTHE PHANTOM2-19-00  2:47 pm
USAA cutting money from the independentsolder than dirt29 2-18-00  2:12 pm
The Binding Arbitration Agreement in Pilot's Employment ContractGreg Achee95 3-16-00  2:41 am
Worlds Largest Insurance Carrier In TROUBLE?Tom Joyce2-14-00  5:15 pm
HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR ADJUSTER IS FROM TEXASyoungerthandirt74 3-02-00  11:15 pm
Is anybody sick? Did you work New Jersey last fall?cfdeaton2-13-00  8:04 pm
Working Conditionsstorm pro3-06-00  9:05 pm
CADO "LOTTO" 2000Russ Lott49 3-10-00  9:55 am
The War Stories ( a/k/a/ post closing libation morris10 2-04-00  7:25 pm
Banning of Non-Texas AdjustersMKDCO35 2-06-00  6:35 pm
Switching from independent to staff cat adjustingSteve12 2-01-00  5:12 pm
Time For Some Levity: "Desert Island"CUPID13 2-14-00  8:02 am
Chain LettersVince Tabor1-27-00  1:05 pm
Business (Adjusting??) at the Speed of ThoughtR.D. Hood1-05-00  10:14 am
Is Adjusting a Profession or only a production job?Gale Hawkins14 1-11-00  10:38 pm
ClaimMasters - Who are you?oldtimer14 1-12-00  2:12 pm
Injured adjusterGlen Garoutte13 12-23-99  1:20 pm
Information about cost for adjusters richard12-09-99  11:17 am
What 3 things are you looking for from CADO in the future?Gale Hawkins12-01-99  11:07 pm
CADO - The Next NACA???Moron11-30-99  5:12 pm
Getting PaidLMT65 2-10-00  8:21 am
YOU,and YOU and YOU are hereby challenged!!!!!!!!!!Gale Hawkins16 12-09-99  10:44 pm
FEE SCHEDULES ???R.D. Hood11-11-99  8:47 am
FWUA PAY SCHEDULEThe Phantom12 12-31-99  10:57 am
THE CADO PAGE: WHAT IT MEANS & WHERE IT IS GOINGBill Sutton10-25-99  7:12 pm
ResearchJohn10-21-99  4:39 pm
WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLDR.D. Hood2-14-00  11:44 pm
Fire & Water Damage Restoration ContractorsGreg A.3-17-00  1:46 am
Looking for feedbackpeck9-25-99  12:48 am
Can someone please offer advice on why this is happening?Chuck Deaton25 10-26-99  7:11 pm
Author seeking property insurance scam stories for novel.Jack Backe8-29-99  12:19 pm
An Important Issue for our SurvivalGale Hawkins18 2-08-00  8:22 pm
Hurricanes on the Coast - What you should know...John A. Postava8-08-99  1:15 pm
Approved ContractorsJohn Johnson8-21-99  4:23 pm
What is the WORST MESS you have ever had to CLEANUP?Jim Flynt8-18-99  3:35 am
What are the first things you do when you arrive onsite at a CAT?Russ Lott9-03-99  7:12 pm
Who are we and what do we want to be.Rick Holt8-18-99  9:56 pm
"Limited Open Topic" very few restrictions!Soon Independent10 1-16-00  5:31 pm
People in here have far to much idle time on their handsTom Toll8-17-99  11:06 pm
Intellectual Rights in forms created by ICJack1-11-00  12:27 pm
Tax Per Diem RateCecelia23 2-15-00  11:10 pm
The value of using Pen Names!Disgusted Adjuster8-19-99  8:52 am
Roy, It's Time To Get Rid Of ANONYMOUS Postingsolder than dirt18 2-25-00  10:32 am
Some people got to much time on their handsRed Killowat10 1-09-00  4:57 pm
New AdjustersGhostbuster13 12-31-99  11:19 am
Holdback $$$$$Glen Garoutte37 1-13-00  5:57 pm
Heavy Commercial DatabaseGale Hawkins12-23-99  9:20 pm
Farmers National Catastrophe CenterSteve Keaton33 10-24-99  8:26 am
So you want to talk about the EmployersCHRIS12-23-99  12:39 am
Cat Adjuster UnionB. Stovall99 12-16-99  3:06 pm
Latest News On HurricanesJim Flynt6-20-00  6:57 pm
Chicago CADO Social & Dinner Saturday NightJim Flynt6-03-00  8:10 am
Greensboro & Burlington, NC windstorm of May 25, 2000Jim Flynt5-26-00  12:07 am
Chicago Storm, DOL 5/19 -5/20Roy Cupps5-19-00  8:59 pm
HAIL YEAH ~ MIDWEST HAIL/WINDS STORMS 5-18-00Jim Flynt5-19-00  7:52 am
Digital Cameras & How to Use ThemDale J. Brassfield5-05-00  11:27 am
San Antonio Josie Mayes49 4-25-00  9:25 pm
2000 Hurricane SeasonRoy Cupps4-22-00  7:28 pm
Ft. Worth and Arlington Tx.disappointed4-07-00  7:36 pm
Longview, Tx Areaksmith4-06-00  6:30 pm
HAIL DAMAGE IN TULSA, OKStephen3-28-00  12:48 am
Tennesse Hail StormJohn Fitzgerald3-27-00  6:25 am
Southern missouri hail ksmith3-26-00  11:56 pm
Shreveport hailTom Toll13 3-25-00  9:51 pm
Midland texas tornado's and hailMKDCO3-24-00  8:45 am
Dallas Fort Worth Area Hail StormRoy Cupps2-26-00  2:25 pm
Hail damage in the French Quarter 1/23/00Bill Ferguson3-01-00  3:39 pm
East Texas Ice & SnowKelley2-12-00  8:03 am
Hurricane Dennis 9-16-02  1:40 am
Hurricane FloydRoy Cupps12 12-12-99  9:35 am
DALLAS HAIL/Can you top this?Jim Flynt3-02-00  12:03 pm
Alabama StormsRLRICE2-14-00  7:22 pm
Long range weather forecastsstormcrow1-28-00  6:52 pm
Great Blizzard of 2000Kelley17 2-13-00  3:18 pm
Winter Ice StormsJim Flynt37 12-24-99  6:23 pm
Hurricane JoseGale Hawkins10-19-99  9:14 pm
Huricane BrettJames Heiden8-23-99  11:57 am
Will work with you for FREE........Chris Wooddell1-02-02  11:33 am
Ten Rules for Great Customer ServiceRj12-20-01  2:40 pm
Blast From The PastGale Hawkins12-19-01  11:09 am
CADO ONLINE ~ PROGRESS ~ One Small Step At A TimeJim Flynt11-20-01  8:08 am
Continuing EducationDavid Houtz11-14-01  5:15 am
Deer Season Coverage QuestionJim Flynt11-08-01  8:00 pm
Antitrust Lawsalan jackson11-05-01  10:06 pm
Opinion-Loss of Business Income-ManhattanHorace Smith9-13-01  10:07 am
Gone Is The Wind?Todd Summers9-05-01  9:18 pm
Need advice - taking the Dearborn Property & Casualty Adjuster ...Wiley Willingham9-04-01  5:21 pm
Greenville, SCThomas J. Brown8-26-01  8:59 pm
E&O Insurance 2new2banewbie8-17-01  9:00 pm
Adjusters USA & ValcoKim Adams7-08-01  1:10 pm
Anybody know of any adjusting work in Las Vegas-even staff?SharleneStarner6-12-01  1:43 pm
How do I find out the final cost of a CAT storm?t f5-04-01  9:37 am
Casualty CATSHarold J. Geoffrey4-30-01  7:36 pm
Need Cat Adjusters ASAPMicheal McWilliams4-26-01  11:06 am
Allen Bobbitt's conditionRoy Cupps4-25-01  8:12 pm
When do you place your E & O Coverage on Notice????Tom Strickland4-25-01  7:39 am
Settlement of Soil the cause of retaining wall damage or a guessGhostbuster4-12-01  1:42 pm
Good Advice!Gale Hawkins3-07-01  1:14 am
Homeowners ARoy Cupps2-12-01  2:58 pm
CADORoy Cupps2-12-01  2:54 pm
FWUA, Any thoughts on this issue?R.D. Hood1-15-01  11:13 am
Breaking Weater ReportsR.D. Hood1-11-01  4:48 pm
Northridge Revisited?guest1-08-01  1:40 pm
And we wonder why NO work?JimLakes11-02-00  6:44 pm
Too much casualtiesCarlos Peralta10-27-00  10:30 pm
Paperless Recordsdavis stove10-27-00  10:43 am
Matching issuesRoy Cupps10-26-00  7:09 pm
Katts Report #8Gale Hawkins10-23-00  9:48 pm
So, what are we exactly?Steven W. Ebner10-09-00  3:49 am
FWUA NewsRj9-28-00  10:55 am
Can any vendor help me with this?Jim Flynt8-28-00  9:44 am
What Sentry Claims Services is Offering.jjones8-19-00  6:38 pm
Supernatural PowerGale8-08-00  9:44 pm
"SPYS in the INsurance Industry?"Dave7-31-00  2:02 pm
Unique Storm AreasLinda7-29-00  12:36 am
Collecting payment from Cat Co. & Carrier for services performedDarrell Wyont7-25-00  12:16 am
RPA ~ Registered Professional AdjusterRuss7-15-00  7:33 am
CADO adjusters in Minneapolis/St Paul SOCIALCecelia7-12-00  12:46 am
Exploring InjuriesRj7-07-00  2:08 pm
Will you beat the deadline?David G. Dye11 12-31-00  10:01 pm
ARE ADJUSTERS BEING REWARDED FOR PAYING LESS?Kelley Roberson20 12-31-00  6:29 pm
Lawsuit against Pilot is backmark11 12-14-00  1:34 pm
Applying Sales Tax to Personal Property Claims Kelley Roberson12-13-00  6:22 pm
I need help in locating an expert witness.Tom Joyce13 11-22-00  12:43 pm
Woe is MeTom Joyce11-08-00  10:11 am
Who said it was quiet in here?Gale Hawkins10-30-00  11:34 am
Certifications, A Waste of TimeJim Flynt12 10-26-00  7:04 pm
OK. What next?Gale Hawkins31 10-24-00  1:25 am
I am looking for a good health & medical insurance planJim Davidson10-23-00  11:45 pm
Application of 10% & 10%M. Hillis11 10-15-00  3:56 pm
Is your "E & O" coverage at risk?JimLakes10-15-00  1:34 pm
NEW VIRUS?????Tom Weems10-11-00  3:18 pm
Cut And Run or Bail Out Of An Assignment??Steven W. Ebner10-09-00  3:11 am
Again I ask the question "So you want to be an Independent Catastro...Dale Strain27 10-08-00  6:36 pm
"Topics for discussion" Question; Should we limit our replies? ...Tomj10-08-00  4:19 pm
How many cat adjuster do they have today on marketddehlinger10-04-00  6:40 am
Working for roofers?Terry Kiefer15 9-25-00  6:22 pm
"File Reopens" Where do you think the problem is?Jackramcat12 9-20-00  9:27 am
Flood vs WindRed13 9-17-00  8:25 pm
Commercialism of this boardGale9-15-00  12:14 am
Pray for what is right? Is there a conflict between what we do and ...Tomj16 9-14-00  9:51 pm
DDS: Friend, Foe or Just Money?Dale Strain16 9-14-00  7:02 pm
Business InteruptionWhitey9-12-00  6:33 pm
NCA GroupAdmin9-05-00  5:23 pm
Clean-up, Poor Work Product, Mike Sebastian51 8-29-00  9:01 pm
The quackenbush investigation in Californiajohnp11 8-29-00  8:22 pm
How "far" should the adjuster write the estimate?Rj8-27-00  12:45 pm
Getting paid!Darrell Wyont8-26-00  11:01 pm
How Will Cat Adjusters Adjust 5 Years From Now?Chuck Deaton8-26-00  9:05 pm
What would you do ?Cecelia Sharpe14 8-26-00  6:29 pm
Most Effective Tools Used AGAINST AdjustersTiredandhungry8-24-00  1:37 am
Sexual Harassment new!Red33 8-19-00  3:37 pm
"INSIDE ADJUSTER"dollarbill46 8-17-00  6:19 pm
What relationship should exist between adjusters & roofers?Cecelia8-17-00  12:30 pm
UNIT COSTS: HOW ARE THEY BEING ESTABLISHEDStaff Adjuster37 8-14-00  6:03 pm
Another adjuster fallsDjackw8-10-00  11:07 pm
Are your tires Safe?Chuck Deaton8-09-00  11:52 pm
Adjusting vs selling roofsMurphy8-09-00  9:17 pm
10 Claims a DayTiredandhungry13 8-09-00  7:58 pm
What is proper waste factor for a cuploa using 25 year dimensional ...Eqkid8-09-00  1:17 am
May we hear from some spouse please?Ricvitiello8-08-00  11:35 pm
How Would You Handle This SituationRuss Doe21 8-05-00  5:31 pm
Replacement Cost for Electronic EquipmentChuck Deaton7-31-00  11:11 pm
Is there life after Cat AdjustingGale7-17-00  10:18 pm
TOTAL LOSSLinda7-12-00  4:40 pm
So you want to be an Independent Catastrophe Insurance AdjusterGhostbuster37 7-08-00  8:14 pm
WERE YOU PAID OVERTIME?Santa23 7-07-00  3:04 am
HOW DO I ??????Russ16 7-06-00  8:28 pm
Mid America Complaint Forum for Joe AdjusterSDS11 7-02-00  7:34 pm
Double dippersLinda Asberry5-18-00  5:43 pm
SssssnakesHarold J. Geoffrey12 5-17-00  11:55 am
TRENDS IN INSURANCETom Joyce5-08-00  1:21 pm
Lack of drawings - żUnseaworthiness?Jim Flynt2-18-00  7:35 am
What Are The Possible Types of Claims Y2K Might Bring?R.D. Hood10 12-13-99  9:31 am
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