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Virtual Claims Adjuster

Re-imagining the claims management process

Virtual Claims Adjuster

Virtual Claims Adjuster reimagines the insurance claims process with intelligent automation to help resolve claims faster. It cuts file handling costs by as much as 30% and, in mere minutes, can automatically triage thousands of claims and smart-distribute them to adjusters based on location, workload capacity and productivity scores.

This automation frees up claims adjusters to focus on what matters most, resolving claims faster through decision-making. The system fundamentally improves the claims flow process with insights into the lifecycle of an individual claim, and into the productivity of the entire team. It was the first software provider to comply with Lloyd’s of London Bordereau specifications back in 2016 and is SOC II Compliant. More than 180 customers in over 25 countries rely on Virtual Claims Adjuster to help resolve millions of insurance claims each year.  

No hidden fees and options to suit your business needs - either pay per user license or pay per file.  

Contact us today or visit our website for more information, arrange a free quick (no obligation) demo.  

Join us as we embrace a new era in claims management

What our clients have to say...

 “Having been in the insurance industry for 23 years, during a period of technological change, I have been exposed to many different electronic file management systems. Virtual Claims Adjuster is by far the best.” -David


“Virtual Claims Adjuster is very user friendly, easy to train new staff on. It is always changing and updating, and the support team are very fast to help when there are questions or requests.” – Tina



 a “survival of the fittest” industry, you not only need the right tools, you need the right people behind the tools. At Virtual Claims Adjuster, we’re serious about helping our clients succeed.


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Deploying Experienced, Compliant IA's (or Teams) in Minutes is EASY with a fully Integrated Roster Management System


For IA's - Add yourself to multiple rosters with 1 click.

For Firms - Add qualified IA's to your roster with 1 click

AdjustorPortal's roster compliance and deployment management software is unmatched, even by the largest firms, yet affordable for even the smallest firms. 

Don't think claims management (which we're not), think 'roster management'. Most firms use a combination of spreadsheets, HR software and form builders to manage their rosters or have an in-house system that still can't compete with AdjusterPortal's FULLY integrated solution. AdjusterPortal automates 80% of your headaches, will save you thousands of man-hours, make carriers happier and make you more money. 
From IA onboarding, automated NIPR license checks, to automated standby or deployments using texting - there is litrally nothing AdjusterPortal can't do. We've even integrated a searchable nationwide database of 1000's of ready to deploy qualified IA's AND our pricing model scales, making it affordable for any size firm. 

IA's and Firms...Check out this interview on AdjusterTV

To Learn More > Right Now, Go to > Watch our 2 minute video > Request a demo

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SpeakWrite Transcription Services

Capture Claim Information And Generate Complete Reports In Hours, With Speakwrite

SpeakWrite Transcription Services

Fast And Cost-Effective Transcription Of Claims Reports And Insurance Documentation

Capture Claim Information And Generate Complete Reports In Hours, With Speakwrite

SpeakWrite helps Insurance Adjusters, whether captive with a carrier or independent 3rd party, to run more efficiently and cost-effectively by providing them access to our unlimited pool of typists 24/7/365. Just submit your audio detailing your claims, and your transcribed report is returned to your email in about three hours. You can even include photos in your transcribed report resulting in more complete and accurate documentation.

Start Free Trial

Get More Information

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Scope Technologies

Accurate Aerial Roof Measurements and Takeoff Report Software



Accurate Aerial Roof Measurements and Takeoff Report Software


Confidence In Your Bids & Bottom Line.

Our aerial roof measurement reports are drafted by expert CAD technicians and reviewed by a quality assurance professional, certifying absolute data accuracy on every report. Precision is paramount at RoofScope, and that's how we guarantee a 95% or better accuracy rate on every plane, eave, rake, ridge, hip and valley. Be confident in your bids, and submit estimates that align to your profit goals.

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A CMS Built For The Field Adjuster

Finally, a claims management system built for the field adjuster and it's FREE!  

  • Track claims
  • Map assignments
  • Route assignments
  • Schedule claims
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Guideline manager
  • Document manager
  • Photo labeler (Caption Builder)
  • and more! 

Know better to perform better!  All the tools you use every day located in one app.  

Map based claims management for faster scheduling and increased claim performance during the day. 

Caption Builder is the fastest and easiest photo labeling tool.  1-2 seconds per photo.  You can't beat that!

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ADVIZOR Solutions

Deep data discovery made easy.

ADVIZOR Solutions

ADVIZOR Solutions is unique in offering business analysis software with integrated predictive modeling. Our customers are able to understand their data and analyze information without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results. Let ADVIZOR transform your data to help you track the progress towards your goals. Visit our website today!

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Productivity Software for Independent and Public Insurance Adjusters


Modern and friendly to use, get started effortlessly

  • Track all claim related information in one place
  • Never re-key contact information
  • Organize your day around tasks
  • Bills are generated automatically from tasks

See for more information

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Caption Builder

Photo Captions for the Adjuster - 2 minute Photo Labeling

Caption Builder

Caption builder optimizes the photo captioning process for adjusters. With a simple click and paste, the adjuster can label hundreds of photos in Xactimate or Symbility with ease! Adjusters, take your claims handling to the next level with caption builder!
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Mobile Property Inspections, Ditch the Graph Paper


After spending a combined total of more than 25 years working for some of the largest insurance companies and contracting firms in the country, the founders of Spex came to a sobering conclusion: the property inspection process was stressful, complicated and downright miserable for each and every party involved. Determined to turn this negative experience into a positive and effective one, the Spex Founding Team set out to create a property inspection platform that would revolutionize the industry. With Spex, businesses can demonstrate that they are serious about customer service, professionalism, and quality inspection documentation.

Spex is a comprehensive mobile-first inspection platform for insurance and construction professionals. Serving the needs of P&C Insurance Carriers, Independent Adjustment Firms, TPA's, Contractor Networks, Restoration Firms and Government Agencies.

Spex provides "Smart Inspection Software" for property & casualty related companies. Spex simplifies the claims process by giving adjusters and contractors a common platform to document their property inspections and scope notes correctly and professionally, regardless of their experience level.

The Spex platform is highly intuitive, enabling adjusters to begin inspecting through the mobile app with little to no training.  Most adjusters are raving fans after the first day, often stating they would never go back to the "old way".

Reduce Cycle Times.  Increase Field Productivity.  Provide Higher Quality, More Consistent Documentation.  

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COMPackage Total Compensation Statements

Total Compensation Statements Made Easy. Show Employees Their Total Value.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statements
COMPackage Total Compensation Statements allow any sized company to easily, securely and inexpensively generate total salary reports to show employees their total compensation. 

COMPackage offers an unlimited PRO package for insurance agents specifically designed for insurance agencies to offer their clients. 

There are over 60 benefits included in COMPackage software, including paid-time off, sick days, mobile phones and other company perks. Now employees can know their total salary, not just what they see on their pay stub.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statement Software is easy-to-use. View a free demo of a benefit statement or download an example of a total compensation statement.

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COMPackage Total Compensation Statements

Total Compensation Statements Made Easy. Show Employees Their Total Value.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statements allow any sized company to easily, securely and inexpensively generate total salary reports to show employees their total compensation. There are over 60 benefits included in COMPackage software, including paid-time off, sick days, mobile phones and other company perks. Now employees can know their total salary, not just what they see on their pay stub.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statement Software is easy-to-use. View a free demo of a benefit statement or download an example of a total compensation statement.

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Easily create professional photo sheets, with your labels and company header. Simply create an account, upload your photos, organize them into the order you would like them to display, create your labels, and download your photo sheet.

COMING SOON: We are excited to announce an upcoming feature which will allow you to quickly and easily label your photos as you take them in the field….the best part…all you have to do is speak, and our program will convert what you say into photo labels!

Go to and use for free right now while we are in Beta!

PDF Photosheets
Entirely Web based
Fast, Easy, and Affordable
Secure Service
Only $5 per report generated!
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PortNexus Corporation

Associate - enhancing mobile productivity and efficiency

Associate from PortNexus enables field staff to dictate what they think, capture what they see, attach any relevant documents to create a unified file that can include; photographs, videos, interviews, blue prints, areal maps, etc.  Associate then routes the unified file to the appropriate staff members or themself for processing, instantly & anywhere, for completion and formatting.  And with the integration of Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, speech recognition can be optionally used to convert voice dictation quickly into text.  If you don’t currently use smart phones or tablets, digital recorders and traditional dial-up are also supported.

Additional highlights include:

·    Software as a Service model - no overpriced big infrastructure needed on your premises

·    No commitment - Associate is based at the user level on a month-to-month basis meaning no wasted investment in licenses that go unused

·    No penalties for cancelling a subscription

·   Optional Integrated speech recognition - you can even reuse existing Dragon licenses to leverage your existing investment.  Additional speech users can be added either by buying a perpetual license or paying on a month-to-month basis for the speech license.

·    Start with as few as one and grow as needed

·    Accessible from ANYWHERE with global access and support.  Recordings can be transferred to the portal even via Wi-Fi if cellular service is not available.

·    Utilize existing devices - BlackBerry, iPhone, Philips, Olympus, and other devices/platforms - as your input device

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G & E Software Services

Time and Materials Software Designed and Developed for the Property Loss Industry

Time and Materials Softwre

Time and Materials Software | Clerk of the Works Software | Not to Exceed Estimator

NEW SOFTWARE RELEASE - THE NOT TO EXCEED ESTIMATOR for Time and Material / Cost Plus Projects**   To learn more visit our website at


Time and Material PLUS II ® - You Get 5 Powerful Programs in 1 Application  Including the Powerful Clerk of the Works® Audit / Validation Program

Time and Material Software of CHOICE and USED by the Largest Restoration Firms and Networks in the USA and Canada 

We are proud that our Time and Material PLUS II® Software is the choice of the largest restoration firms and Networks in the USA and Canada. Want to find out why they switched from the programs they were using? Take the Comparison Challenge – Let’s do a no obligation side by side comparison with your current program and Time and Material PLUS II®The results will speak for themselves as it did for many of our clients who are now mandating Time and Material PLUS II® as their billing software from their day to day to national catastrophic events.

Time and Materials Software by G & E Software is taking Time and Materials Billing to a whole new level. Our Time and Materials Software was designed from the ground up by an industry expert with over 26 years in the Property Loss Industry. Our program offers the users the flexibility required to meet the demands created by the Property Loss Industry and the blended billing method aka Time and Materials. 

5 powerful programs in 1 application - Each of them developed exclusively for the property loss industry. Included in this package is the Audit and Validation program Clerk of the Works® - a program that meets that definition – to validate and/or audit using a patent pending method that we designed and developed and one that we call ALIGN 123Not only will this program audit and validate a bill based on this system it will also correct the errors with the click of the mouse. This one program is so powerful that it will validate multiple bills as one file using another patent pending process and then produce detailed billing and reports for each bill all from one file.


We produce Time and Material Bills with our Time and Material PLUS II™ program and then we introduce that bill to the Clerk of the Works® Program for Audit and Validation all from within the same Program Application.

Other Programs that are included are

The Billing CAPS™ - Need to CAP Equipment and/or Tools? We have the only patent pending program that creates CAP summaries with very detailed reports and tables to support your Billing CAPS. – Request a Live Demo

Hotel / Lodging Billing Manager – Regardless of the type of lodging situation we developed a program that captures this with extreme accuracy and provides the detailed reports that are accurate and consistent when it comes to validation to actual cost.

Project Cost Manager – We developed a system that allows live values based on each and every billing input. Provides a great tool to manage each project and gives instant results that are not available to a project manager because if time delays in posting cost into an accounting program.

NOT TO EXCEED – This is a BONUS feature that we developed with patent pending safeguards that create instant alerts when a project has a NTE value set. We have found this feature to be a great tool when it comes to NTE values because it instantly creates a communication tool the minute the alerts are triggered.

Overtime? How many overtime rules can you produce? Our Patent Pending Overtime Feature can produce multiple scenarios per specific hours, Per Day, Per Week, and it can create rules that are specific to Travel, Holidays and More. The best part is this can be done anytime (before, during and even after a bill is created with instant detailed results)

**PLUS - other Safeguards and Patent Pending Features that you will only find in our Software Programs.

Other programs may produce a bill based on simple methods of input but that is simply not enough to meet the demands of the project and the Audits that follow. The property loss industry is changing day to day and if your program does not meet these demands and is not flexible then you need to Take the Comparison Challenge. You will be glad you did - Time and Material PLUS II™ offers the flexibility to meet the changes as they happen. That is why our Program is used by Contractors, Clerks, and Auditors and if you take the comparison challenge we are confident that you will be our next Client!!

To Learn More -

Visit our Website at

Request a Live Demo –

You will see why our clients made the switch to Time and Material PLUS II ® 

Be sure to check out our NEW RELEASE - The Not To Exceed Estimator for Time and Material / Cost PLUS Projects.

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Vistalogix Corporation

Vistalogix provides out-of-the-box and custom web-based portal solutions that are ideal for public-facing websites, client/adjuster portals, document management, intranets, and anything else you can dream up. Our software is easy to use, fast to deploy, and very affordable.

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Management and Training Innovations, Inc...Manage Your Roster


Management and Training Innovations, Inc...Manage Your Roster

 Management and Training Innovations (MATi) is dedicated to providing our clients with the newest and most technologically advanced software solutions.  

The foundation of MATi's Insurance Industry software is RosterManager.  RosterManager is an administrative tool which can be used to both track HR data and assist our clients in making assignments to the closest and most appropriate roster member, whether it be an adjuster, contractor, or other vendor.

Contact us today for a demonstration and price quote on RosterManager or any of our other software products for the claims industry.

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Connect Point Resolution Systems, LLC

Rain? Diagram Anyway. IT'S FASTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT!

Connect Point Resolution Systems, LLC


The roof diagram report from ConnectPoint Resolution Systems connects contractors, adjusters, insurers, and homeowners to make roof measurements fast and easy. Our powerful roof survey system can determine the precise dimensions of a roof to within a 2% margin of error. Using state-of-the-art advanced aerial imagery technology to calculate a roof's area, pitch, and face details, ConnectPoint produces the entire report and you will never have to leave the ground. 

ConnectPoint's Roof Diagramming Service guarantee is easy.   We will deliver your completed report to you within 24 hours (with a correct address, day or night, weekends and holidays) or it's free.  No hassles, no forms, no monthly fees, no kidding. 

Feeling second rate with other diagramming service companies?
We promise that you will never take a back seat to other industry lines. We are committed to providing excellence with consistency, from the very first report.

If you have a question...

Please call and talk to a LIVE PERSON!  877-330-2111.  

Fast, Easy Service. 

For more information please contact:

Bill Cowan
Connect Point Resolution Systems
2881 N Hwy 167
Catoosa, OK 74015
772-828-1902 (cell)


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EagleView Technologies

Roof Measuring Made Easy! Measure anywhere, anytime, and in any weather.

EagleView Technologies

EagleView is the industry leader for aerial roof measurement services.

We help roofing companies & contractors, insurance adjusters, and insurance companies of all shapes and sizes.

Give us the address and we'll do the measuring for you!

Our reports significantly improve measurement accuracy, reduce travel expenses, save time, all while increasing profitability and productivity.

Measure more roofs with the help of EagleView!


Products & Features:

EagleView Premium Report, EagleView Standard Report, Xactware Integration, Express Ordering, Bulk Ordering, Total Satisfaction Guarantee, and much more!

EagleView Premium Reports include:

• 3D Roof Diagram
• Aerial Images (Top, N, S, E, & W)
• Length Diagram
• Pitch Diagram
• Area Diagram
• Notes Diagram
• Report Summary


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Symbility Solutions

Symbility Solutions

Symbility Solutions is a provider of innovative technology solutions for the electronic communication and workflow collaboration of property and casualty insurance claims. Keeping participants connected through each step of the claims process, the Symbility product suite works together to ensure that all parties are communicating and collaborating in the most efficient way possible.


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Clerk Of The Works Time And Materials Software ~ by CDN Design

Easy, Flexible, Detailed, and Accurate T&M Software For The Restoration Industry

Clerk Of The Works

Clerk of the Works™ time and materials job software allows you to easily and accurately enter, track, and report all customer charges on your T&M jobs. 

Standard price lists, employee lists, and customizable markups make data entry simple and precise.  Clerk of the Works produces an incredibly detailed job book covering every aspect of the project including:

  • Job Labor - OT, rate class lists, track for multiple companies.
  • Supplied Equipment - standard price list that you control. Daily/Weekly/Monthy.
  • Supplied Materials - easily track and bill
  • Job Notes
  • Subsistence Amounts - per deim, lodging
  • Subcontracts - 10 and 10, scan subcontractor invoices to PDF.
  • Rental Items and Supplies - customizable markups, scan receipts to PDF.
  • Job Photos - organize and print your job photos for complete documentation.

Be assured that your margin goals will be met on each and every T&M job.  Clerk of the Works - the one piece of software you can't afford to be without.

See for complete details.

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N2uitive Corporation

The #1 System for Recording, Indexing, Storing and Transcribing Statements

N2uitive Corporation

Most comprehensive, best-in-class statement solution

n2uitive manages all of your statement needs from digital recording to storing to sharing to transcribing.

Built the way you think

We’ve translated your needs and your work style into innovative software that meets your needs. It’s so easy to use, your adjusters will be taking statements in 30 minutes or less.

Proven, reliable partner

More than 25 carriers and TPAs—20,000+ adjusters—trust us with their end-to-end statement needs. And we’re proud to say we’re still working with every client who has used our products.

Easy to deploy; no IT integration needed

Our web-based system requires zero new investments in equipment or infrastructure and can be deployed without any IT integration.

Enterprise-level security, certifications and redundancy

Security is our business. Our security technologies, methods and data centers meet—or exceed—those used by banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions.

100% percent committed to the claims industry

All of our revenues come from digital recording, transcription, and translation. Our team has more than 200 years’ experience in the P&C insurance industry. We’re in this for the long haul.


Dare we say it, we’ve created products that are awesome to use and our people are awesome to work with. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have said about our products and our people:

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Burkitt Computer Corporation

 W5 Claims Management Software

  • Comprehensive and easy to use claims data recording, note taking, T+E / flat rate / flat fee / loss value based billing, reserve tracking, report production, document sharing on claims, document library for (policy, procedures, instructions, Loss reporting document delivery), calendar workflow management.
  • Secure Document creation (reports, letters, etc.), upload and retrieval over the web or on your local network.
  • Monitor and report aggregate loss values.
  • Manage contract adjuster remuneration rates, automatically produce contractor invoices which are directly tied to your invoices to your clients, provide contractor invoice status, accounts receivable, and work in progress inventory reporting. All online, automated and effortless.
  • Secure online access to claim data (loss details, reserves, notes, work performed, etc.) and associated documents (reports, pictures, estimates, etc.) for your adjusters and your clients.
  • Make your clients life easier with our automated "Insurance Commissioners Reporting" worksheet with scheduled or on demand delivery of the data whenever your clients need it.
  • Integration with LEDES electronic billing submission systems (i.e. Allegient Systems, Xchanging).


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Xactware, Inc.

Xactware, Inc., a privately owned company, is a leading provider of software tools, data, and services for property adjusters. Our software programs include Xactimate with Sketch and XactValue. Xactimate comes with the industry's only fully-integrated drawing and dimensioning module, Sketch. It also includes XactValue for quick and easy replacement cost valuations. Xactimate's Claim Manager stores all claims-related data and lets you print all NFIP reporting forms and standard insurance forms.

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SIMSOL Software, Inc.

Helping Adjusters Help Themselves!

SIMSOL Software, Inc.


SIMSOL Software, Inc. provides a suite of Windows based products for Adjusters, Inside Adjusters, Appraisers, Carriers, Claims Managers and Restoration and Remodeling Contractors. SIMSOL For Adjusters contains modules for preparing building estimates, contents inventories and commercial and residential square foot insurance-to-value appraisals. The system also contains a diagramming module, digital photo interface, word-processor with claim data merge capabilities, a robust management report generator and email for electronically transferring claim files. SIMSOL's forms library contains all NFIP reporting forms as well as standard insurance forms. A Mobile Home, Heavy Commercial cost and Contents Replacement databases are also available with the system.

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PowerClaim XML

Hawkins Research Inc. was started in 1991 by Gale Hawkins. We developed PowerClaim XML, our property estimating software for the property insurance industry. PowerClaim is user friendly and costs 50% less than other adjusting software and provides free training and free customer support. Contact us today for your free 30 day evaluation of PowerClaim XML.

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