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Crown Weather Services

Your One-Stop Weather Information Source

Crown Weather Services

Crown Weather Services, “Your One-Stop Weather Information Source”, offers Crown Weather Plus.  Crown Weather Plus consists of a wide variety of weather products, including winter weather alerts, alerts for significant severe weather events and tropical storm and hurricane updates.


Our updates not only will includes alerts for the next couple of days or so, but we will also give you a heads-up for potential storminess, whether it be severe weather, winter weather or tropical weather alerts up to 6 to 10 days in advance.


Crown Weather Plus subscription plans start at $9.95 per month.  We have other subscription plans for $24 for 3 months, $49 for 6 months and $79 for a 1 year subscription. 


With a subscription, you can be ensured to receive detailed and accurate weather information, including advanced notice of significant severe storms, winter storms and tropical storms/hurricanes.


Finally, you may be asking why should I subscribe to Crown Weather Plus?  It’s simple. We are personal, interactive, dedicated and experienced.  We are not a giant weather corporation; just the opposite, we are a small weather service who will give you something that is valuable and potentially life saving. 


To learn more and to sign up for Crown Weather Plus, just go to: 

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The Hail Reporter--Free Alerts

Free Statewide Hail Alerts, Maps, and Reports. Nationwide is only $99/yr.

STATEWIDE ACCOUNTS ARE FREE!  NATIONWIDE ONLY $99/YR. is a web-based service that offers hail storm alerts and information to our subscribers.  Anyone may subscribe for free for a one-state geographical coverage area.  Nationwide is $99/yr.  We offer full storm information, as well as storm area business and marketing information for each storm.  We are integrated with Google Maps, showing both street maps and satellite views of each storm location.  Further, we offer a full forecast map array (Days 1-8) all on one page, as well as a daily forecast email that contains NOAA's Day One Hail forecast map.

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WeatherWorks LLC - Past Weather Reports

"Your Weather Experts"

The expert Meteorologists at Weather Works can investigate and evaluate past weather data and prepare certified, professional past weather reports for any date or location with over 30 years experience. We prepare hundreds of reports a year for clients with claims ranging from workers compensation, slip and fall, wind, lightning strikes, flood, auto accidents, roof collapse, and much more! Call us today for a quote. We will gather all of the data for you and prepare a complete plain English weather report!
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HailWATCH - A Service of AnythingWeather

Tracking storms since 1995

HailWATCH - A Service of AnythingWeather
HailWATCH provides industry leading services including
real-time hail alerts,  high-resolution hail verification maps, and historical site-specific hail hisotry reports for any address in the US.
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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web site attempts to address various questions regarding hurricanes, typhoons and tropical cyclones that have been posed to us as hurricane researchers over the years. While it is not intended to be a technical guide, references are given throughout the FAQ for those that would like additional, detailed information.

provided by >> Hurricane Research Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

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The Weather Channel®

From the site;

"The Weather Channel and provide a national and local weather forecast for cities worldwide, as well as weather radar, map and report."

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From the site;

"WxRisk.Com is the only weather site on the Internet dedicated to Extended Weather Forecasting and Risk Management. Weather Risk Management is a form of contingency planning in addition to Weather Forecasting. This site's focus is on the 36 hour to 12 day period of weather forecasting, often referred to as the "Extended Range" and "Medium Range" forecast period (ER and MR). The ER period covers from 36 hours to Day 5 while the MR period cover from Day 5 to day 12. "

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Weather Underground

This site provides weather maps and images. It also has a hurricane tracking map

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Storm Now

StormWarn is a highly advanced data distribution system designed to deliver severe weather bulletins through a wide variety of means in the most rapid manner possible. StormWarn is far and away the most flexible, powerful and professionally maintained weather bulletin delivery service available without spending a fortune - at unbelievably low costs for all forms of delivery, at unbelievably fast speeds, with an abundance of customizable options and preferences and great opportunities for businesses! Here at the network operations center of DataSwitch Information Services, our goal is to arm every American with the only weapon that man can wield against the forces of nature: information.

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National Weather Service Doppler Radar Images

Latest weather radar images from the National Weather Service
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Nationwide Leader in Forensic Meteorology for Insurance, Legal, Engineers and Investigators - 31 Years Experience - Over 50,000 Claims/Cases Serviced - All Types of Weather - Any Location Worldwide - Land or Sea - Pinpoint the Exact Conditions for Your Point of Loss – Contact CompuWeather for Immediate Service: 800-825-4445, or – LIGHTNING, HAIL, RAIN. FLOOD, HURRICANES, WIND, TERMPERATURE, SNOW, ICE, TORNADOES, AND MORE! – Over 25 Forensic Meteorologists on Staff – Quick Service – Reliable Results – Accurate Analysis – Simple and Easy to Use – Perfect for: Insurance Claims, Accident Investigations, Property & Casualty, Slip and Falls, Personal Injury, Construction Incidents, Catastrophes, Credibility Issues, Visibility, Marine Cases and More! Nationwide Expert Testimony, Certified Weather Data Fulfillment and Super Rush Service Available! Specialty Products Include: Hurricane Specialty Products Line, Lightning Strike Verification Reports and Hail Path and Size Verifications.

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National Hurricane Center (NHC)

"The National Hurricane Center (NHC) maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific from 15 May through November 30. The Center prepares and distributes hurricane watches and warnings for the general public, and also prepares and distributes marine and military advisories for other users. During the "off-season" NHC provides training for U.S. emergency managers and representatives from many other countries that are affected by tropical cyclones. NHC also conducts applied research to evaluate and improve hurricane forecasting techniques, and is involved in public awareness programs."

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Hurricane Central -

The Weather Channel's Hurricane Page

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Hurricane Watch Net

The Hurricane Watch Net, founded by Jerry Murphy, (Amateur radio call sign K8YUW), was formed in 1965 during Hurricane Betsy, as an informal group of radio amateurs who recognized a need to provide communications to and from hurricane affected areas.  The Hurricane Watch Net has continued to operate during every hurricane threatening land in the Atlantic, Caribbean Basin, and Gulf of Mexico, and has acquired a formal, direct association, with the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL since that time.  To this day, the Hurricane Watch Net activates on 14.325.00 MHz whenever a hurricane is within 300 miles of projected landfall or becomes a serious threat to a populated area.

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Tropical Storm Risk

"Founded in 2000, Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) offers a leading resource for forecasting the risk from tropical storms worldwide."

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  " is the easiest way to get the most customized and accurate weather information for every location on Earth. You can have instant access to current conditions, 15-Day forecasts, satellites, real-time local doppler radar plus much more - all on one place, just one click away. "

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Yesterday's Storm Reports

Storm Prediction Center Storm Reports

Yesterday's Storm Reports

Storm Prediction Center storm reports: tornado, hail, wind LSR reports archives in HTML and CSV formats.

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