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5 Replies and 4110 Views Daily vs Cat Claims  4110  5 Started by  georgelamar Im a new adjuster (ive never worked a claim in my life). Ive been on this forum for a while now and ive read quite a few posts but I have a question about which makes more money in the long run. Should I try to get on working daily claims for a company or should I try to make a job out of working CAT claims    Thanks GeorgeL.
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by  tfharveyJump to last post
04/11/2012 11:09 PM
2 Replies and 3485 Views Crawford Conference – Dallas  3485  2 Started by  ChuckDeaton The Crawford Conference, is going on in Dallas, now. Crawford is teaching classes, certifications and providing breakfast and lunch. Are these people awesome or what. The whole conference is free.
2 3485
by  Tim WienekeJump to last post
04/04/2012 1:05 AM
2 Replies and 3439 Views Help with training  3439  2 Started by  prodrig I am looking for someone to mentor me in the field of claims adjusting. I would like to ride along or meet you at the claims location and learn the tools of the trade from someone experienced. I have been on the local fire department in Slidell for 22 years I am still employed with lots of off time. If you are in Slidell, La. or the surrounding area contact me thanks Phillip. 985-502-8905
2 3439
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
03/29/2012 1:39 AM
13 Replies and 8806 Views The most serious adjusting manual in the world  8806  13 Started by  tonyd46 Here is something the NFIP General Adjusters put together for your use. :No
13 8806
by  CATdawgJump to last post
02/19/2012 8:28 PM
14 Replies and 9934 Views Ride a long  9934  14 Started by  kcolson Does anyone need  a helper How do you find someone to help with their claims  My husband and I are willing to help.
14 9934
by  okclarrydJump to last post
02/01/2012 10:57 AM
27 Replies and 19907 Views REALITY CHECK 101 (A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NEW ADJUSTER  19907  27 Started by  CatAdjusterX
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&160; REALITY CHECK 101 (A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NEW ADJUSTER) The adjusting industry has experienced unprecedented growth since the 4 in 04 and hurricane’s Katrina/Rita in 2005 and hurricane’s Gustav/Ike in 2008. There has been an explosion of newly licensed Independent claims adjusters in almost every state that requires adjusters to be licensed. Is this influx of new adjusters a good thing It depends on who you ask !! If you are one of these folks that just received your adjuste...
27 19907
by  JohnnyBJump to last post
01/31/2012 8:02 PM
11 Replies and 3888 Views Recent College Grad  3888  11 Started by  MYarr Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and ask a few questions. My name's Mike and I reside in the Central Florida area. I just recently completed my degree at the University of Central Florida and the job search isn't going so great! Prior to completing this last semester, I went ahead and took a course for the All Lines Adjuster license. I am licensed and I have applied to what seems like every insurance company under the sun (well not every one, but every one I ...
11 3888
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
01/23/2012 5:07 PM
1 Replies and 3796 Views What is the best Certifications to get and from whom?  3796  1 Started by  mudslinger I have been licensed for 3 years, but just now starting to try to get on a few more rosters and to get more Certifications.  What certifications would you say are the best or most popular to get  Any help would be appreciated.
1 3796
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
01/18/2012 6:12 PM
0 Replies and 2885 Views How do I get my foot in the door  2885  0 Started by  sahara Been throwing around the idea of being an adjuster for about 6 months now.  The construction side of the business is starting to fill up with a lot of out of towner dirt bags who give away the house.  The company I work for requires us to have an exactimate prepared and the roof sketched out before we even meet an adjuster for the claim.  It seems to me that I am doing 90 of the work for the adjuster before he even gets to the house.  I don't have any problems climbing 2 sto...
0 2885
01/10/2012 3:10 PM
21 Replies and 7387 Views Getting your second foot in the door..  7387  21 Started by  cwrundell
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Hello all,  I have been reading the forum since I first got my license in '08.  This is my first topic/question started. After getting my license I did what all the experienced adjusters advised, however as you all know there was not a lot for the unexperienced to do in 2009, 2010 and I stopped looking as my construction business took most of my time.  Then Irene came along and Pilot called for me.  I was sent to NY and closed 126 claims in 30 days.  From what my A...
21 7387
by  olderthendirtJump to last post
01/06/2012 3:20 PM
8 Replies and 5342 Views New To Adjusting  5342  8 Started by  pestguy22 I am a Professional Home Inspector in Texas and I recently got my Insurance Adjuster License, I have taken Wind and Hail Damage class and I am signed up for Xactimate training later this month. I am needing some advice from experienced adjusters on what certifications might help me get work. I&160;have recently signed up with Ebelrs Claim Service.
8 5342
by  GoldustJump to last post
01/04/2012 12:13 PM
7 Replies and 4626 Views Few questions about CAT adjusting for AUTO claims.  4626  7 Started by  Idowa I currently work for a large insurance company working auto claims.  I've done this for 4.5 years and am licensed in all 50 states. I worked our Internal CAT Unit for 87 days straight this summer.  12 hours a day and 7 days a week.  I loved it!  Our company decided to create a permanent ICU and I was ready to apply until they decided to open it half way across the country instead of in my office. Someone suggested I should look into becoming an Independent Auto Adjuster sin...
7 4626
by  IdowaJump to last post
01/03/2012 6:39 PM
17 Replies and 6781 Views Ride Along Mentor  6781  17 Started by  pestguy22 I am&160;&160;new to the adjusting industry and I am looking for a Mentor who will let me do some Ride Alongs. I have been in the Home Inspection business for 10 years and I am not afraid to get on roofs. I have had&160;a few new home inspectors ride along with me so&160;I know how much it helps.&160;I&160;need some&160;field experience. Let me know if you are willing to help. Thanks.&160;
17 6781
by  georgelamarJump to last post
01/02/2012 2:01 PM
10 Replies and 6362 Views Noob question about pay for CAT Auto Adjuster  6362  10 Started by  jswallace777 Does anyone know how long it takes to receive pay between paychecks for CAT auto adjusting for a independent co., example 2 weeks, monthly  And, is 350.00 a good daily rate for a CAT auto adjuster
10 6362
by  okclarrydJump to last post
12/20/2011 10:35 AM
4 Replies and 4304 Views Hiring practice question  4304  4 Started by  m2lip Hi all - Got a quick question and I apologize if this is one of those questions that gets brought up a lot on the forum. I ran a search and didn't see anything come up. When a carrier posts an open position, is it common practice for a hiring manager to not select an applicant who is also a named insured with his/her company   Say Joe Smith is the NI with All State. Would All State not select him for an interview (assuming he meets the requirements and would otherwise be a worthwhile in...
4 4304
by  K ung Fu tzuJump to last post
12/19/2011 12:07 PM
11 Replies and 9513 Views Newbie Question -- What should I do next?  9513  11 Started by  Florabama Hello folks. Brand newbie here!. I've been reading the site for while,&160;so I hope my first post this isn't too&160;dumb of a question.&160; I've gotten licenced in Florida (I live in Pensacola) and have begun sending apps to different cat adjusting companies. I've taken a local Xactimate course and am continuing to study at home with Xactimate DVDs purchased from the company. All of the apps I've filled out have asked about certifications. Of course, I don't have any as of yet. In the opin...
11 9513
by  Roy EstesJump to last post
11/04/2011 6:15 PM
3 Replies and 3560 Views Crossing over to Adjusting from Estimating for a restoration company  3560  3 Started by  twh208 Good Morning, I've been estimating for a regional restoration company for 3 years and have been looking into becoming an adjuster. At my former company, I was responsible for: setting appointments with the insured when the call came in scoping the lost and coordinating mitigation work writing the estimate in Xactimate or AlacNet and submitting it to the insured’s insurance company working with adjusters to determine coverage running the job (project management) from m...
3 3560
by  Blitanicle99Jump to last post
09/23/2011 2:32 PM
1 Replies and 3523 Views Help a college student out!!!  3523  1 Started by  BFoard I am in my last year of college and would love to get a foot in the door for when I am in the 'real world'. I have been working for the last 2 years in the insurance industry and I am very interested in the adjusting side of the insurance world. I have my P&C and L&H&160;Agent license; I also have my TX All-Lines Adjusters license. I am&160;very determined&160;and dedicated to&160;what I do. I need some help however. I, for the life of&160;me, cannot get a adjuster job. You would no...
1 3523
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
08/30/2011 9:09 PM
5 Replies and 11559 Views Farm Bureau Tech v. Vale National Which is Better?  11559  5 Started by  judojohn1 The summary pretty much is the question.&160; Farm Bureau Tech is $2200 v. Vale $2995. Farm Bureau is an insurance carrier that trains its own adjusters at their own school as well as other carrier adjusters that do not have an adjuster training school.&160;&160; Vale is known to train a lot of adjusters and I have heard it has a good reputation, Big issues for me: Farm Bureau Tech has only 4-6 students that will likely be attending this school and is an actual carrier training facility....
5 11559
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
08/18/2011 12:02 AM
7 Replies and 5002 Views so you want to be an Adjuster?????  5002  7 Started by  Dwat217001 &160; Being new to this site i am not new to the are some tidbits that may help to get a NEW person pointed in the right&160; direction.Some people will not agree but this is what worked for me. I have only been in this feild for 10yrs and learn little tricks of the trade all the time.LISTEN and learn about your new choosen profession.The web is great place to do RESEARCH.1) find a traing company or another adjuster that will let you watch and learn.You need to find three o...
7 5002
by  okclarrydJump to last post
08/14/2011 10:16 PM
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