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4 Replies and 3060 Views Personal property under water  3060  4 Started by  Ray Hall Just read a post by Blackmon & Mooring in Houston about their state of the art cleaning to the customers satisfaction. I will not dispute their claim; however I have NEVER had ANY personal property cleaned. NFIP and all the WYO,s I have worked flood losses with have never questioned total out of all contents under the water mark, and SELL the salvage back to the insured, with all serial numbers in the file.
4 3060
by  Ray HallJump to last post
03/16/2010 1:31 PM
1 Replies and 2981 Views Wind vs. Water – Adjusting Practice  2981  1 Started by  host Below is an excerpt from a 3/4/2010 WYO (Write Your Own) Bulletin from FEMA.&160; The full document is attached below. In previous bulletins, FEMA discussed wind and flood investigative tips and a logical approach in addressing claims that involve both perils. Attached for your review are previous bulletins that address adjusting practices: WYO Bulletins W-08008, dated February 25, 2008 “Wind/Water Investigative Tips”; and W-08070, dated September 25, 2008 “Flood Insurance Claims Guidance.” T...
1 2981
by  ddreisbachJump to last post
03/10/2010 9:28 AM
6 Replies and 3104 Views I Am In the Food Business  3104  6 Started by  Shredmonster I have been buying 'distressed' inventory for a very long time.&160; Started back in 1984.&160; Normally I buy from manufacturers but I&160;occassionally will see insruance claims. Please get in touch with me if you are looking to move your inventory or if you have any contacts you would recommend I get a hold of. &160; Thank you
6 3104
by  ShredmonsterJump to last post
03/02/2010 11:52 PM
1 Replies and 3408 Views Flood adjusters in and out  3408  1 Started by  Ray Hall Flood losses were always a differant animal to the wind adjusters and it probably still is. I have flown into a city, rented a car and inspected 20 flood losses and fly back home and did all the paper work and settled all the losses.&160; Really nothing wrong to work this way. You can not do this on roof claims, but 6 foot of mud or water isa mess.
1 3408
by  KLSJump to last post
07/27/2009 3:02 PM
2 Replies and 3870 Views Flood Certification Status  3870  2 Started by  adjusterclay Is there a web site where I can check on the status of my license application  I took the Pilot flood course a couple of months ago and have not heard anything
2 3870
by  rickhansJump to last post
07/01/2009 12:42 AM
4 Replies and 3112 Views auto flood adjusting  3112  4 Started by  southpaw21 hello i am anew adjuster and could someone help me with adjusting auto flood claims as it is not covered in pathways , i understand you manually enter it in but what are the price guidelines and what do you code in on pathways.........thank you
4 3112
by  JimGaryJump to last post
06/02/2009 1:04 PM
23 Replies and 10768 Views NFIP Workshops 2009  10768  23 Started by  yumadj
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  I don't see any dates for 2009 workshops. Anyone know why not
23 10768
by  okclarrydJump to last post
04/02/2009 11:27 PM
2 Replies and 3101 Views Flood VS Windstorm Claims Best Choice ????  3101  2 Started by  texasbbj I am a experienced outside property adjuster who has primarily worked windstorm claims for 5 years. With the 'Ike' damages in the Houston area, I have a opportunity to work Flood Claims (Have NFIP lic.) and I would like experienced adjusters thoughts and views on working the flood claims aspect vs the windstorm claims. Thoughts on pay of course, but also thoughts on the time frame to close claims in flood vs windstorm as well as any others wisdom/experience/suggestions thoughts you may have to...
2 3101
by  iCATJump to last post
12/29/2008 12:46 AM
2 Replies and 4027 Views Flood On The Coast  4027  2 Started by  ILBCNU10 I have handled flood claims for years and have handled coastal flood (elevated buildings) in the past.&160; However it has been at least 5 years. I currently have a number of claims on elevated buildings.&160; The Dwelling SFIP policy clearly tell us that coverage is afforded for things such as A/C's, Freezer, Electrical, Water Heater.&160; We also know it pays to replace drywall nailed unfinished. &160; However NO WHERE in the dwelling policy are coverages discussed for the walls of that...
2 4027
by  roniJump to last post
10/31/2008 11:18 AM
4 Replies and 6036 Views Storm Surge Potential, Galveston TX  6036  4 Started by  KLS &160; &160; I'm always interested in how surge effects&160;coastal areas.&160; Here are forecast aerials for the Texas City and Galveston area.&160; Edouard is expected to bring a 5 foot surge -- but it probably will make landfall at high tide or shortly after.&160; These depictions are based on mean sea level rather than high tide.&160; Based on these aerials, there m...
4 6036
by  Ray HallJump to last post
08/16/2008 6:49 PM
17 Replies and 4556 Views Midwest Floods  4556  17 Started by  catabeme Is anyone working the floods yet&160;&160;My cat employer called to deploy me to WI, but I couldn't go at that moment, so now I'm waiting for the next round of deployment. I would love to hear about conditions, and of course the work to be had. &160;
17 4556
by  catabemeJump to last post
07/09/2008 10:53 AM
1 Replies and 3787 Views NFIP Adjusters Web-Based Tools  3787  1 Started by  Ray Hall ALL NFIP FLOOD ADJUSTERS MUST REQUEST AN ACCOUNT BY JUNE 30, 2008 Many of you have received instructions from one of your vendors. If not go to or NFIP IT Manager at if you have any questions. *** Just applied for my new account, go to first address above and look over in the left corner and request an account, then fill pout the person info that fits you, then scroll down to ez claims-adjusterconsole and then finish the app. says it takes 10 days to g...
1 3787
by  katadjJump to last post
06/26/2008 2:02 PM
11 Replies and 7355 Views simsol vs xactimate concerning contents  7355  11 Started by  rbryanhines I know some of the vendors are now using xactimte instead of simsol to write flood structure estimates.&160; Does anyone have any feed back concerning how this is going &160; For the vendors that now require xactimate. What are the requirements for writing up the contents Are they requiring xactimate contents program or can you use any type of estimating Iquess my question is will they allow you to use simsol for the contents &160; Thanks
11 7355
by  johnpostavaJump to last post
06/26/2008 11:19 AM
1 Replies and 3499 Views Useful Forms  3499  1 Started by  cowboy26995 The following website has forms that would be of benefit to the consumer as well as the users of these forums.
1 3499
by  tonyd46Jump to last post
06/26/2008 7:12 AM
16 Replies and 5933 Views Drying Equipment Sizing and Quanity Validation Tool - Excel Based  5933  16 Started by  catconsultant I wanted to share this with the group, I use this tool for validation purposes and it's popularity is growing.&160; I know that I have negotiated prices on equipment and then find out that I was paying probably more.&160; How without this type of tool and/or knowledge on how to size and quanitify Drying Equipment then how do I know if the contractor agreed to lower the price and then just add additional equipment&160; With this tool I can now atleast check it against the recommendations an...
16 5933
by  cowboy26995Jump to last post
06/22/2008 10:28 AM
5 Replies and 3404 Views Flood Precautions and Dry Out  3404  5 Started by  Tom Toll Never assume that a water-damaged house is safe. Going into a building that has been flooded, even after the water is gone, can present a wide variety of hazards that can cause injury, illness or even death. Do not allow children in the home after the flood or while it is being cleaned, inspected or repaired. Electrical hazards - Do not enter a flooded or wet building if the power is on. If any electrical circuits have gotten w...
5 3404
by  cowboy26995Jump to last post
06/19/2008 10:55 AM
7 Replies and 5097 Views Who's got the $$ to pay the insured, the IA comapnay and the adjuster, NOT NFIP  5097  7 Started by  katadj And "the rest of the story" Like, who's got the $$ to pay the insured, the IA comapnay and the adjuster, NOT NFIP> Flood insurance overhaul stalls BEN EVANS Associated Press Writer Publication Date: 08/27/07 WASHINGTON -- Despite promising changes, Congress has shown little enthusiasm for taking the unpopular steps that experts say are necessary to fix the nation's main flood insurance program. Recent flooding in the Midwest has brought the issue back to the f...
7 5097
by  Ray HallJump to last post
04/09/2008 3:15 PM
1 Replies and 3619 Views Is anybody working the Missouri/Arkansas mess ?  3619  1 Started by  Doug Just wondering if i am the only one sitting at home --&160;&160;&160; If it is even a large NFIP exposure, or are the WYO's just handling it with staff I had my canoe strapped to the top of my Blazer last week just in case -- but no dice. &160; &160;
1 3619
by  Janice_TollJump to last post
03/26/2008 5:07 PM
1 Replies and 3613 Views Arkansas Floods (Historic)  3613  1 Started by  Tom Toll Parts of Arkansas are under deep flood waters from the white river, red river and several others. We went to Batesville to work a claim and when crossing the white river bridge was astounded at the water almost to road level. There were many businesses and homes under water. When we left there to go to Hoxie to work a large fire loss, we had to divert 40 miles or so, because roads were under water. We saw some pretty sad stuff. I understand that about 10 of the people near these river had flood...
1 3613
by  sbeau4014Jump to last post
03/24/2008 9:41 AM
5 Replies and 3405 Views CA U.S. District Court says Katrina storm surge ..  3405  5 Started by  host is not excluded by excess policy's flood exclusion. In the Insurance Coverage Law Blog (located here), the author David Rossmiller reviews the August 16 decision in Northrop Grumman v. Factory Mutual Ins. Co.,  lawsuit.   It appears that the decision was at least in part based on the lack of the phrase "whether driven by wind or not,"    Some good reading if you get a chance check it out.
5 3405
by  LarryWJump to last post
08/28/2007 8:30 PM
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