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Last Post 05/17/2010 12:41 AM by  Ray Hall
Experienced Insurance Restoration Expert trying to get into insurance industry
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05/16/2010 11:52 PM
    My name is Gabriel I have been doing Insurance restoration for 2 years.  As a General Contractor I have met over150 adjusters and homeowners on storm damage related properties.  I have been using Xactimate for 2 + years.  I am used to  finding damage that the adjuster missed the 1st time and if the adjuster didn't buy the roof well I would be the guy call to write up a quick estimate on the roof and call for another adjustment on behalf of the homeowner.  I am now texas licensed and took an Xactimate course yada yada yada.  I am trying to get into the insurance industry I live in the austin, texas area and would love to get an assistant position or any foot in the door I can.  if anyone is looking for an assistant that knows how to find storm damage, measure and diagram roofs and exterior quickly and efficeintly, comfortable with ladders and roofs then I am your man please e-mail me at filesg@live.com   
    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    05/17/2010 12:41 AM
    OK filesgig I will take you on when the carrier takes me on to work large hail in the OK CITY area.  I will drive around OKC, Edmund, Moore and other areas to check out the roofs. I will get all the zip codes and come back home. I will get the losses and then  get the roof diagrams for 25.00. I will hire some local roofers to take photos of the roof for $25.00 each. I will hire some xmate people for $25.00. per hour. I will put all the files together with my helper that I pay $25.00 per hour. My fee will be 50% of what the State Farm Fee bill is on the total losses and I will also do the no claims in the fringe area for the same fee. Its called the good with the bad. I will call you when I get my first loss. stand by.
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