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Last Post 12/04/2011 7:23 PM by  HuskerCat
Centralized Claims Centers
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12/02/2011 4:05 PM

    I have 8 years in the business and honestly prefer inside adjusting.  So I'm curious to know what carriers are using the centralized claims center model (call center if you must) and which IA firms are using them.

    I'll start the conversation by my contribution.  Here is the list I know of...

    State Farm has centers in Jacksonville, FL, Dallas, TX, and Frederick, MD and for firms they use Pilot, Renfroe, Worley, and Eberls.

    Allstate uses Pilot, and the last time I was aware the IAs were working out of buildings that Pilot owned both in Mobile, AL and Dallas, TX.

     Citizens of FL has an office in Jacksonville and I know they are doing some limited work in Tampa, and there are about a bizillion IA firms on their lists

     Finally, I hear tell that Liberty Mutual has one, but I don't know that to be fact, nor do I know which firms they use.

     Can anybody else fill in some gaps for me?

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    Veteran Member

    12/04/2011 7:23 PM
    I like being the independent inside examiner also, but that's because I'm old(er) with a bum knee.  The best part of it is giving direction to the IA field guys, whether new or old, since the lines of coverage I manage are not particularly what they might be used to.  And for that matter, it might not be what their quality control managers are used to.  Some vendors beat their guys/gals up over things that have no bearing on how the claim needs to be handled.  So, just a word to the field....establish and maintain contact with your carrier examiner.  They can be your best friend, and save you a lot of frustration.  If we are calling you, it's to help move the claim along.  If we are having to call you twice, it's to help move the claim along.  If we are calling you more than that, and you aren't responding....then, there might be a problem.         
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