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0 Replies and 3188 Views MSB Integra Houston area?  3188  0 Started by  TXAD Does anyone know of any classes for MSB Integra within driving distance of the Houston area (Pt. Arthur to be precise).    One of the carriers I'm certified for requires Integra and I have no experience with it.   Thanks in advance for any information.   Bud
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05/13/2010 10:31 PM
8 Replies and 4119 Views Direct Depo/Withdrawal Forms??  4119  8 Started by  jdbehm I am filling out an employment packet for one of the adjusting firms listed on this website (Leading Edge Claims). It includes an independent contractor packet and a credit/debit authorization form. It is the latter I am concerned with. In the past I have filled out direct deposit forms but never a withdrawal form. Their form states, 'I am authorizing Leading Edge Claims to initiate entries to my checking or savings account at my stated financial institution (I supply them with routing numbe...
8 4119
by  jdbehmJump to last post
05/13/2010 9:19 PM
16 Replies and 5456 Views Info About Crocker Claims  5456  16 Started by  SoFloAdjuster Greetings... does anybody have any information about Crocker Claims&160; Thanks...Christine
16 5456
by  jasonm408Jump to last post
05/10/2010 7:50 AM
1 Replies and 5210 Views PaRR Inspections  5210  1 Started by  Allan Freeman Does anyone or has anyone ever worked for PaRR Inspections What are they like, is it worth trying to do
1 5210
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
05/09/2010 9:59 PM
12 Replies and 5906 Views  5906  12 Started by  Richard Fry Hello All, Yes I am a certified wanna be newbie, sorry for you that are offended that I want to join in.   I am looking for comments on .com They offer a 3 day school for the license and a 3 day class with a 1 day practical in between.  Have any of you other new folks out there been to this school in recent years and what do you think of it, I am wanting to get my classes in prior to mid July and any opinion you have would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time....
12 5906
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
05/06/2010 3:48 AM
3 Replies and 3008 Views What does it take to get a Florida and Texas non resident license if you have your Georgia License  3008  3 Started by  joel.lawrence I currently have my Georgia adjuster licenses and was looking to add Florida and Texas.&160; If anyone has any information or links to get this information I would greatly appreciate it.
3 3008
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
05/01/2010 5:59 AM
7 Replies and 3964 Views Need Advice on Royal Palm / THIG and O&L Estimates  3964  7 Started by  SoFloAdjuster Hi Gang, I am working on a certification for Royal Palm / THIG and I am completely confused by the way they want their estimates written for O&L.&160; The presentation says one thing, but the narrator says something different regarding how to write it up; the text says that RP/THIG wants it written on the main portion of the estimate, but the narrator says it should be written 25/75 split between the main estimate and O&L (as they are normally written); now it also refers to secondary ...
7 3964
by  SoFloAdjusterJump to last post
04/25/2010 9:44 PM
19 Replies and 7945 Views Never been on a storm  7945  19 Started by  Ray Hall Many people have spent $ and travel to cerification class & license classes. Please go to Claims Mentor site and find the 125 things that people in this brackett need or you will fail after your first try. Print it out and learn to correct answers and then you have a 100 better chance of not failing. I will help you after this, but I will ask you some qualifying questions from the 125 on this list. The first part of this test is can you get this list made up by a retired catastrophe manager...
19 7945
by  LelandJump to last post
04/21/2010 11:21 PM
0 Replies and 7124 Views Professional Advice on Selecting A Rope & Harness Training Program    7124  0 Started by  Catsvstrained &160; Property Adjusters Guide for Selecting A Rope & Harness Training Class &160; &160;&160; Within the last years time several “Rope & Harness” / Personal Fall Arrest assisted roof inspection schools have emerged on the claims adjuster training circuit, some added on to Independent Adjusting companies, some to established or new adjuster training schools and some emerging as entirely new training schools all together. The fact of the matter is that all of these schools have de...
0 7124
04/20/2010 4:38 PM
4 Replies and 5823 Views Training in Phoenix Arizona  5823  4 Started by  rhida I'm looking for an on hands adjuster training class for my assistant who lives in Phoenix Arizona.&160; Does anyone know of any good classes in Phoenix - not necesarily for licensing.&160;
4 5823
by  Ray HallJump to last post
04/12/2010 6:07 PM
7 Replies and 6895 Views Flood claim adjustment training  6895  7 Started by  Jwteer Having just received my NFIP&160;Flood certification, including my FCN&160;, I am now licensed to adjust flood claims. I have seven years experience adjusting myriad claims including mold, hail, hurricane, fire, contents, and almost every other common peril. However, I feel that my knowledge of flood claim adjustment is lacking; can anyone please advise as to where to go or what firm to contact for training in flood claim adjustment Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you, J...
7 6895
by  JwteerJump to last post
04/02/2010 12:27 PM
155 Replies and 68835 Views Steep Roofs  68835  155 Started by  JimAustin
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Hi all adjusters out there.&160; I'm new to the industry and would like some info on steep roof training.&160; Where do I get this Is there some place better than others Should I even bother with it Would a company like REI or someone like that be able to provide&160;me training&160; I just know getting on anything over 9/12 scares me a little bit and Ive been told that carriers do not want adjusters running around with roofers anymore. Ive googled rope and harness training and all I ge...
155 68835
by  jedevichJump to last post
03/31/2010 6:08 PM
22 Replies and 7903 Views Truth about Xactimate and Citizens  7903  22 Started by  SoFloAdjuster
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Greetings All.... &160; I was trying to get on a roster&160;and attend a&160;training class for Citizens and was told I couldn't because Citizens now wants&160;their IAs to have 2 years experience on Xactimate...I do not have 2 years!&160; Is this Citizens rule and requirement...or could this possibly be just that particular firm's rule and requirement for the IAs they put on their roster&160; Any help or comments would be appreciated. &160; Thanks!
22 7903
by  Ray HallJump to last post
03/29/2010 8:09 PM
28 Replies and 13924 Views Contractor turning Adjuster  13924  28 Started by  bridwell52
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Im thinking about getting into being an adjuster.  Im tired of building and remodeling and would love a job that works hard for a period then has a period off. My question is when I get the lic, will my Florida contractor lic and 8 years off residential building and 14 years industrial construction satisfy future employers 2 year experience requirement I have worked rebuilding Pensacola from 2 canes and have knowledge of insurance ins and outs. Or will I be classified a rookie and hav...
28 13924
by  bridwell52Jump to last post
03/29/2010 12:30 PM
12 Replies and 4609 Views Temp VS. Non-resident License  4609  12 Started by  Goldust Do most adjusters have non-resident licenses or do they just apply for temporary 90 day licenses. Aren't the temporary licenses just for designated catastrophes I notice Kentucky states that a tornado or Hail is a designated catastrophe.
12 4609
by  Ray HallJump to last post
03/23/2010 11:11 AM
4 Replies and 10045 Views Earthquake Certification  10045  4 Started by Where do you go to get earthquake certified&160; From searching I can't find any places offering this right now.
4 10045
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
03/23/2010 4:33 AM
3 Replies and 3806 Views Ride Along  3806  3 Started by  JakeD77 I am a new adjuster. I am currently waiting until April to get my State Farm certification and to start working on a rope and harness team with a major insurance adjusting company. I am extemely eager to get started adjusting. I am currently looking for an opportunity to train/ride along with an adjuster. I am strictly looking for a way to increase my personal development. I was wondering if any adjusters who may see this topic have ever been approached by a new adjuster for some kind of trainin...
3 3806
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
03/23/2010 4:20 AM
0 Replies and 3381 Views CE Credits in LA for NFIP Class?  3381  0 Started by  MGBush Does anyone know if Louisiana grants CE credits for attending&160;the NFIP&160;workshop If so,&160;what is the course number recognized by the LA Dept. of Insurance and how many credits do you earn Mike Bush
0 3381
03/19/2010 2:51 PM
1 Replies and 2793 Views Need Advice  2793  1 Started by  virgo39 I was recently accepted by a company and placed on their roster as an active adjuster.&160; I had access to the adjuster portal, etc.&160; I looked on their site randomly 2 weeks ago and noticed on the training schedule that they were having a one day seminar on perspective employees.&160; I inquired with the company as to whether it would benefit me to attend.&160; Company stated that although I was already on their roster, it wouldn't hurt for&160; me to attend, but it wasn't neccessary.&...
1 2793
by  JimGaryJump to last post
03/19/2010 10:52 AM
3 Replies and 4282 Views Adjusting 101 with steep training  4282  3 Started by  RJames Im just getting into the business but wanted to let everyone know I found a school that has a four day property 101 class with an additional day of steep and tall training included! My experience was great.&160; I will not formally advertize for the company but if you google steep and tall you will find the training course.&160;You will&160;need to request the steep&160;and tall class as the main class is Monday to Thurs with steep on&160;Friday. &160;The material was great, informative i...
3 4282
by  hostJump to last post
03/17/2010 12:42 PM
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