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Last Post 02/01/2012 11:52 AM by  MARodriguez
SF Measuring Tech
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02/01/2012 11:52 AM

    I am studying for the SF Estimatics Exam.  I have the study guide but it is pretty vague at best.  It is obvious that they have a set format for measuring and calculating LF and SF.  Who or where is the best place to go so that I may know ahead of time how they expect calculations to be done.  Also, I hear that the SF exam is multiple choice.  Are the options for answers pretty obvious or do they make it where it has to be exact?   Meaning that if i am within a a couple of tenths or so of the correct answer, I will be able to conclude the correct answer by reasoning or is it as follows?  ....If the SF exact answer is to be 545.35 SF of wall, will my answer options be as follows

    a. 475.89 SF    b. 501.48 SF    c. 545.30 SF    d.  545.35 SF   e. 545.25 SF

    Detailed info would greatly be appreciated. 


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