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9 Apr 2015

Tips on Locating Your Roster Listing

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Having trouble locating your Roster listing?

If you have a "Active" Roster Listing.

Here are a few ways to find it. (Active listings only)

2/7/2019 Update

Non Active Roster Listings

There are currently two types of listings that will not be active, Expired and Draft.  You must use the Listing Manager to see a listing in this status.  

Buttons found on the Roster page

Buttons found on the Roster page

After you login you will see these buttons when you visit the Roster page. If you already have a listing then use the Listing Manager button to check the status.

If your Roster listing has expired or if you removed it from viewing. You will need to use the Listing Manager found on the Roster page to edit and\or update the status.  You will see the button only after you login.  Roster Listings in either expired or draft status will not be shown in the search or in your profile area and can only be viewed using the Listing Manager.  If your listing is listed as Expired then you will need to use the contact form and contact us letting us know if you want it activated or if you want it deleted. 


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