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Please Note: if you have trouble updating your Roster listing please be sure you have completed all of the required fields. New required fields have been recently added.

All required fields have * next to them and a pop-up will be displayed letting you know that a required field was not completed.

4 Jun 2017

How to Add your name to the CADO National Adjuster Roster

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  1. Click on the images above for examples of what you will see.
  2. First you need a (CADO) user account; You can get it here: Register for a CADO User Account
    1. However: Having a user account does not get you listed on the Roster, you will still need to add your name to Roster if you wish to be listed on the Roster.
  3. Once you have an account you need to login
  4. After you login follow or click this link: Add Listing
  5. Things to remember!
    1. You can have only one Roster Entry.
    2. You can only edit\update the Roster listing with the CADO account you used to create the listing
    3. The Email address used with the Contact form comes from your CADO Account
    4. You can upload only one photo.  If you wish to change the photo then you will need to remove the current photo first.
    5. If you wish to remove your Roster listing from public viewing or make it temporary inactive deselect the "Published" setting at the bottom of the form
    6. If you wish to remove the Roster listing from the CADO site please send a request to us using the contact form. Removing your CADO account will not remove the Roster listing.
    7. If you have added your name to the Roster you should see it on your CADO profile page as well and be able to edit from that page also.
    8. When you need to update your information please click the pencil next to your name. See the information below the form shown for additional information on updating your Roster information.
  6. Required Fields
    1. When on the form be sure complete all of the required fields.  Here is a list of the ones that are required and must be completed before you can save your listing.  When you try to save your information and it does not save check for a pop-up showing the missing data.  Be sure you do not have the pop-up blocked. Below is a image of the Pop-up.  In this example I clicked on the "Update" before completing the required fields.
    2. Last Name*:
    3. First Name*:
    4. City*:
    5. Zip*:
    6. Experience*:
    7. NFIP Certified?*:
    8. Software Experience*:
    9. Bilingual*:
    10. Do you have passport? *:
    11. Bio or Mini Resume*:
    12. Allow Contact Form*:
Here is what the Pop-up will look like you if you did not complete some of the required fields.


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1 comments on article "How to Add your name to the CADO National Adjuster Roster"


Beth Speed

7/31/2017 10:50 AM

I am trying to add my name and unable to.

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