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CatAdjuster.org or CADO as it is called, is a site devoted to insurance adjusters and the claim handling industry, slanted toward catastrophe claims handling.

About CatAdjuster.org

CADO was created in 1995 and was the first site devoted to adjusters on the web, we were social networking, before that term became know.

The site provides information and resources through a collaborative effort from the membership, adjuster to adjuster.

Since 1995 our membership has grown and now exceeds 31,000 registered users.

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National Adjuster Roster

The Roster is for all Independent Insurance Adjusters both catastrophe and non catastrophe that wish inform potential employers about their qualifications and handle insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies.  You can also upload and store your resume, copies of certificates and licenses.

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CADO Vendor Directory

The CADO Vendor Directory is a database that provides information on Employers of Adjusters, Adjusting Firms, Appraisers, CE Courses, Engineering Firms, Software, Industry Related Services and other categories.  Vendors can add their information to the database and keep it current 24/7.

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The Classifieds

Do you need adjusters? Have a product or provide a service for adjusters? Do you provide training, certification or licensing for adjusters? Have some adjuster gear or equipment for sell?  If so the Classifieds is a great way to advertise your company and promote your opportunities, services and products.

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''OJT Catastrophe Training Manual'' #1 Selling E-book for new Property Adjusters

''OJT Catastrophe Training Manual'' #1 Selling E-book for new Property Adjusters


The Best Information Available for New Property Claims Adjusters Looking To Greatly Increase Their Odds for Success.

A $100 Information Guide Worth 1000 X Its Purchase Price.

Go to our Website at CatastropheCareerSpecialties.com to view a free 50 page Cut-Away of the book.

Our 259 Page Text Includes:

Information Needed To Secure Immediate Employment With The Largest And Most Reputable Independent Companies.

How To Prepare For And Pass Wind/Hail & Estimates Certification Exams And Which Independent Companies Are Offering Classes With Exams For Free.


How To Contact, Inspect, Scope, and Build Claim Files To The Highest Standards of Industry Practice.

Storm Supplies Needed: - A comprehensive list that includes pictures, descriptions and explanation of the tools you will need to maximize claim handling accuracy and efficiency.

Storm Site Preparation/Expectations: What to expect and how to prepare for the job that waits for you at the next storm site from induction to departure.
*How to read a Declarations Page
*Understanding and reacting to Severity Codes
*Understanding the people (claim mgmt, public adjusters, agents, contractors etc.) who you will need to interact with.
*How to prioritize claim load / what every adjuster should know about contacting claims and scheduling inspections
*Dealing with Salvage & transfer of roofing claims too steep to climb

Assessment and Application of Policy Coverage:
*Practical guide to understanding Homeowners, Business, Farm & Ranch, Renters, Condo Unit Owners, and Mobile Home Policies
*Explanation of common policy endorsements
*Industry expectations on absorbing policy deductibles

Understanding 'Xactimate'
*How to get and use 30 day free trial offer of Xactimate to prepare for your next claim assignment
*All practice estimates written in Xactimate format
*A roadmap for finding what you need from the price guide.

Industry Scoping Standards and Formulas - Includes:
*Mathematical formulas for calculating roof area
*Application of shingle waste factors
*How to identify A/C unit tonnage
*Counting tabs/knowing the difference between Metric and Standard shingles
*Shingle Identification chart
*Wall & Structure Framing component chart
*Application of the 24 square foot rule
*Two Industry approved ways to calculate carpet waste
*Drop & Fill waste calculator
*Creating industry appropriate scope notes and diagrams
*When to allow Profit & Overhead
*When to add Access, Demo, and Content Manipulation in settlement
*Estimatics Guidelines for roofing, flooring, cabinets, drywall and paint
*Common forms of structure framing
*Using test squares
*Calculating pitch
*When to include 2-Story, Steep & Extra Steep allowance

Roof & Exterior General Claims Settlement - Includes:
*Product Identification & Policy Interpretation
*In depth guide on Roofing Estimatics as per current industry standards
*How to speak Roofing Contractor language fluently...and then some
*Pictures that differentiate hail damage from age and manufacturing defect
*Fifteen roofing replacement scenarios (over fifty pages) w

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Florida - Daily IA Opportunities

Florida - Daily IA Opportunities

Professional Claims Representatives

Professional Claims Representatives is seeking qualified independent adjusters for daily work in the following Florida counties - Martin, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, St. Lucie, Broward, Gulf, Walton, and Okaloosa.


These daily assignments involve high end properties and complex water losses - IAs must have thorough water loss experience. Mediation and appraisal experience also preferred. This opportunity would be ideal for IAs looking to fulfill current daily routes for a long term working partnership.


Applicants should have a minimum of 6 years of experience and meet the qualifications listed below:


Skills & Qualifications:

Applicable adjusting license

Minimum 6 years of adjusting experience

Strong written and oral communication skills

Ability to operate various types of computer programs (ex: MS Office, Adobe)

Xactimate proficient - XM28 subscription required

Knowledge of construction and insurance coverage & regulation

Experienced in wind, hail, theft, fire, and water losses

Have reliable transportation, computer, digital camera, ladder, and other miscellaneous items necessary to perform adjuster responsibilities

Physically able to inspect roofs

Industry designations such as AIC, SCLA, or CPCU are preferred but not required


Resumes can be submitted to by visiting https://proclaimrep.com/join-our-team/


Please - no phone calls.


Company Overview:

Professional Claims Representatives is a trusted provider of insurance services, specializing in daily and catastrophe property adjustments nationwide. Formed in 2005 and based in Florida, PCR was designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of integrity, quality, and flexibility of service that the insurance industry requires for their outsourced claims management needs.


With a strong network of experienced team members, our management style combines the most proven methods to deliver effective claims handling solutions 24/7. Driving customer satisfaction through consistency with end-to-end claims processing is what we do. We believe in the importance of processing every claim with emphasis on cost-effective efficiency and expedience for our clients. Our dedication to the success of each claim makes Professional Claims Representatives one of the nation's top service providers.


PCR continues to recruit adjusters that are committed to professionalism and accuracy. We enjoy working side-by-side with our adjusters to build a strong, collaborative relationship centered on an efficient, streamlined claims handling process. A successful insurance industry requires individuals dedicated to providing reliable and honest results for each and every claim, large or small. Please visit our site for additional information.

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Daily Adjusters Wanted

Daily Adjusters Wanted

Command Claims

*** Residential & Commercial Field Adjusters Needed***

We are looking for experienced daily field adjusters who are interested in joining our team. 3 years of P&C adjusting experience is preferred. Opportunities are available in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina.If you are available and interested please respond to info@commandclaims.com with the following information:

- Copy of resume
- Home/Daily territory
- Copy of resident (home state) license

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MyAdjustiMate - App for Independent Adjusters

MyAdjustiMate - App for Independent Adjusters

Imagine you are an assessor or an adjuster working for an insurance company deployed to an hurricane ravaged part of the country. Your job is to record the conditions of the site, mostly buildings - residential and commercial, assess the damage and report back the inspections in a formatted manner to the insurance company.

Each site could take about an hour to fully inspect - take relevant pictures of the site, note down particulars of the damage, etc., What kind of tool do you think you would need to efficiently collect all the information about the site? Enter 'myAdjustiMate' app.

You see, today, without this specialized app, inspectors would rely solely on their device cameras to take pictures of the site and as we all know, the camera stores all the files in a roll sorted by time with file names that's not human readable. 'myAdjustiMate' app solves all that problem by archiving pictures that the inspectors take in a manner that is easy and super efficient to be directly uploaded to reporting softwares such as Xactimate, etc.,

'myAdjustiMate' was designed by and built for inspectors specifically to effectively navigate through all parts of the site with a unique user interface that allows you to work with one hand while keeping the other hand free to hold onto a ladder on the job or something. 'myAdjustiMate' app sorts pictures based on priorities, archives pictures in logical folders, names the pictures with human readable appropriate file names and provides damage annotation capabilities. And if you forgot to take one more picture of a certain location of the site, then don't worry - you gave back and take that picture and the app will intelligently archive it in the right folder than pushing to the end of camera roll.

The best part of 'myAdjustiMate' app is that transferring files from your mobile device to the report generation software is a breeze and thus saving you time and money. You could literally get a report with 100+ pictures done and submitted in less than 10 minutes which could otherwise take 40 to 50 minutes.

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TWIA Policy Changes effective 1/2020

All new and renewal TWIA policies with an effective date on or after January 1, 2020 will include updated coverages, terms, and conditions. Many of the changes are a result of recent revisions to the Texas Insurance Code by the Texas Legislature.

"The above is from the TWIA website"

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