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By Ric Vitiello is president of Benchmark Services Inc. "Among the most serious and challenging threats to the performance of any roofing system is h...

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This article was moved from the old system. It was written by George Mullet in 2000.

The primary thing an adjuster needs to do is communicate with the insured. I cannot emphasize that enough. We do not know if there is an error, an oversight or what, until we get out there. The adjuster is always supposed to communicate the proposed settlement with an insured and many people tell us they never heard from the adjuster after he was out there. Whether that is true or not is not the issue. If the adjuster is overly clear not only on the amount of the settlement but exactly what he is recommending, it leaves little room for misunderstandings. Further, if he/she is extremely clear, people will not have the tendency to want to say they never heard from the adjuster.

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This article comes from a forum post that was made by rass3742 on 9/12/2006

One thing I’ve noticed is the incessant struggle between newbies and veterans of our industry, as they scrimmage to identify the paradigm of CAT adjusting.  As a veteran of claims adjusting myself, I have taken the long road here and know that I am better for it.

I have just recently become “active” in reading and posting comments; as such, I hope I am not breaking the rules of CADO by bringing the bulk of a post I already made into this thread.  I just think it’s a topic at the front of so many minds here that it might be of interest as its own discussion.

What I’ve been seeing, in a lot of the posts in the CADO community, are seasoned adjusters who are struggling with the seemingly never-ending complaints of start-up adjusters who aren't being handed a living on a silver platter.

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This is an article written by Jonathan Stein, J.D., CPCU and published in the December 2004 Claims Quarterly.  The article is a pdf.  In the...

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