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Sunken Rec Vessel, San Bernard, TX, Gulf of Mexico

On October 10, 2019, late in the evening, the sailing vessel Quickxotic sank approximately 2 nautical miles offshore of the mouth of the San Bernard River, with 150 gallons of diesel on board. There has been no evidence of a discharge. Vessel is in the same general area as a grounded rec vessel also reported this morning. Phone support provided. Read more
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M/V RT. HON. PAUL J. MARTIN Aground, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, Canada

On the morning of October 7th, 2019, USCG Sector Buffalo notified SSC that the M/V RT. HON. PAUL J. MARTIN ran aground in the Saint Lawrence Seaway approximately 12NM North of Ogdensburg, NY near Galop Island. The vessel is taking on water at a negligible rate in the forepeak. Fuel tanks have been sounded and the crew is monitoring the ballast tanks. No pollution is present. Read more
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Mystery Spill, Brazil, Multiple coastal States

Brazilian officials are investigating wide-spread tar balls affecting dozens of beaches along the country's north-eastern coast. The oil was first detected on September 2, 2019, and oil has now been detected in at least 105 locations spanning eight states and almost 1000 miles of shoreline. This hotline has been opened to capture information about the incident. Read more
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Sunken Dredge Tender, Calcasieu Channel, Louisiana

On October 1, 2019, a tender sank in Calcasieu Channel, carrying an estimated 100 gallons of diesel and 30 gallons of engine oil. MSU Lake Charles contacted NOAA SSC for advice on where to look for oil at first light. Sheen visible near vessel. Extent of discharge unknown. Advice on recommended search area provided. Read more
Summer 2010 - Oil Spill vs Hurricane Claims
1. How concerned are you about working Hurricane claims in the areas impacted by the oil spill?

Concerned (52) 9%
Very Concerned (28) 5%
Extremely Concerned (33) 6%
Not worried at all, just give me the claims (446) 77%
I will not work claims in areas impacted by the oil. (18) 3%