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Port Neches Response

Updated 12/7/19

Updated 12/7/19: The below comes from the Port Neches Reponse website, link to the site is listed below.

News Release # 19-Friday Evening Update
Beaumont, Texas – Unified Command reports ongoing response efforts at TPC Group Port Neches Operations remain focused on safely bringing the event to an end.

There is no situational or air monitoring updates from previous release earlier today (12:30 p.m.). Response and monitoring activities continue.

Claims activities update: Approximately 200 claims representatives, including call center operators, field claim adjusters and claims processors, remain in the area.

Residents seeking walk-in appointments at Claims Processing Centers are experiencing long wait times. Claims personnel are working to increase staffing at the processing centers to assist more people. Don’t wait in line: call (866) 601-5880 to make an appointment.

Claims Processing Centers at 511 Grigsby Ave. in Port Neches and 250 Dowlen Rd. in Beaumont are completing claims by appointment from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. Residents can submit claims and schedule appointments to meet with claims representatives by calling the Community Assistance Helpline at (866) 601-5880.


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Summer 2010 - Oil Spill vs Hurricane Claims

1. How concerned are you about working Hurricane claims in the areas impacted by the oil spill?

Concerned (52) 9%
Very Concerned (28) 5%
Extremely Concerned (33) 6%
Not worried at all, just give me the claims (446) 77%
I will not work claims in areas impacted by the oil. (18) 3%

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