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Clerk Of The Works Time And Materials Software ~ by CDN Design
Easy, Flexible, Detailed, and Accurate T&M Software For The Restoration Industry
CODE Evolution Inc. - Virtual Claims Adjuster
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COMPackage Total Compensation Statements
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I guess in a way im just venting but has anyone made the switch from Xactimate to Simsol?  I learned on Xactimate and from the beginning was always impressed by how the program works.  This has made me want to learn more over the years and I have now become pretty good at using it. 
Replies: 11
Xactimate 28
I was informed by an Xactimate support Technician that you can only open 28 if you have internet access available because of password authentication. This may cause huge issues after major storms when there is often little to no internet or cell phone/card access available in the storm areas. This m
Replies: 5
Xactimate 28
I just upgraded to 28 about a week ago, and am finding a lot of bugs in it.  Has anyone else found this problem?  I am wondering if it is my install that was defective, or if the whole program is like this.  I am especially having problems with the GLR and changing the deductible.
Replies: 3
Xactimate Circle Help
so ive been at this for an hour with the vertex tool.. there must be a better way.. HOW DO I CREATE A CIRCULAR SHAPED ROOM....  
Replies: 6
Adjusting software online training site
Hi All, I'm relatively new to this forum, just been lurking for a while.  I'm curious to get some opinions and feedback on an idea for online training.  I've got a web design/training background and was curious if there is a website that offers video training on all 3 major software syste
Replies: 9

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Xactimate AND SIMSOL Training On Line- 6 months unlimited access All Levels
4/21/2014 11:12:31 AM Training
Learn On Line! At your own pace. The only Traini...
Overland Park, KS - TX All Lines License Xactimate Training, May 9-15
4/17/2014 7:00:01 PM Training
May 9th -15th, 2014OVERLAND PARK, KANSASLimited S...
4/17/2014 2:19:22 PM Training

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