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        Robert Shavercreated the topic: Xactimate Estimate Formulas

        Which column in an estimate contains the labor costs?

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                  stormcrowreplied to: RE: Stucco question

                  As few post anymore I only look in once and a while, at one time this was the first place I went online in the morning, after the funny pages.


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                    stormcrowcreated the topic: TN Permits and working under NAFTA

                    Starting to hear stories, Canadian Nurses refused TN permit.

                    This is certainly a concern for Canuk adjusters wanting to work south of the border i...

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                        AcceleratedAdjusterreplied to: RE: Stucco question

                        Be careful! Once you go out and add your input and more importantly, your license, to the claims process, you are accepting a degree of liability when...

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