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brightonreplied to: RE: Schedule It

my wife and i were discussing this recently. she remembered when her company began scheduling claims for the outside claim reps and appraisers. that w...

12 hours ago

ClydeHill Country Claims Management is pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Prime Companies.  Public stock trade is suspended until new Board of Directors and new symbol is approved by the SEC.  The name will be changed to Hill Country Claims Group.  Watch for other future mergers soon!

14 hours ago

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      olderthendirtreplied to: RE: Schedule It

      While technology is changing Cat adjusting it is CAt adjusters will kill it

      2 days ago

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        3 days ago

          Paul GundersonI live in Jacksonville FL and I am interested in cleaning up residual Mathew claims and dailies throughout the area. Thanks for reading!

          4 days ago

            Paul GundersonReady in North Florida.

            4 days ago

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              5 days ago

                Mark McGuirereplied to: RE: Starting advice on what steps to take next

                Hi,  I would suggest either go to an adjuster school that is sponsored by an adjusting firm, its usually two weeks.  They will add you to th...

                1 week ago

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                    1 week ago

                      edcreated the topic: Starting advice on what steps to take next

                      I need advice on what and which steps to take to get off the ground.  First off my experience.  I'm 53 yrs. old, owned a building and develo...

                      1 week ago

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                      1 week ago

                        Montana Goldustreplied to: RE: Discontinued Shingles

                          I believe you should strip the roof down to decking and start over with new felt and one layer of new architectural shingles.
                        The wood shingle...

                        1 week ago

                        Montana Goldustcreated the topic: Limited access Coverage

                          I have a claim on a 1886 Colonial home that needed a new roof. The property has limited access around the dwelling because the entire property ...

                        1 week ago

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                          1 week ago

                            We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.