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Sean Zettlemoyeradded a new Listing

18 hours ago

    Glenadded a new Listing

    19 hours ago

      stormcrowcreated the topic: 09l bust or beast

      After days of watching still do not know what this is or if it will Hermine or Ian (see 08l). 
      finaly a TD and likely to be named soon, but so ...

      1 day ago

      Gary Rankinadded a new Listing

      2 days ago

        IJBurnscreated the topic: Where Do Begin?

        Gentlemen, my name is Isaac and have a few questions for you guys: Where and how did you all get your start? I used to be in roofing sales and l...

        4 days ago

        cljones3 added a new Listing

        5 days ago

          Paul Gundersonadded a new Listing

          5 days ago

            Catsvstrainedreplied to: RE: Choose Your Rope & Harness Training Provider Wisely

            Rope & Harness "Certification" is probably the most misused term in the Property Claims industry. Rope & Harness Trainings were first offered to sta...

            6 days ago

            Bianca Andersonadded a new Listing

            1 week ago

              Queen City Adjusteradded a new Listing

              1 week ago

                Hugocreated the topic: Best States to get licensed

                Hi! I just got my license 5 months ago in my home state, South Carolina. I will attend the Pilot seminar on September and want to get licenses in othe...

                1 week ago

                Mike Ortegaadded a new Listing

                1 week ago

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                          Drewadded a new Listing

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                            3 weeks ago

                              commguy01replied to: RE: Is it us(cat.adjusters) or Them?(law firms)

                              Can someone tell me how long we are obligated to keep file records pertaining to Ike losses. I'm being asked for records eight years old.

                              3 weeks ago

                              We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.