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Service First Claim Solutions

Service Solutions Savings: A web based property Claim FNOL system

 Service First Claim Solutions provides an advanced web based property claims solution for the Insurance Industry. Our FNOL system is highly rated by policyholders and claims CSRs and can be used by carriers, call centers and claims TPAs. It is offered on a subscription basis. ClaimsDispatch FNOL can be easily connected to any policy file for coverage verification and any back end claims system for submission of all FNOL information to begin the adjusting process.  ClaimsDispatch is in production and has been very effective in CAT situations since it processes calls in less than 5 minutes and captures appointment information about the insured. FNOL calls are triaged to be sent to desk or field adjusters depending upon the severity of the call. It also connects to contractors for water mitigation, board up and other services. This system has been used by Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance for the last two years and now is available over the web for others.

13901 Sutton Park Drive ,Suite 310
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: 904-371-2513
Fax: 904-371-2313


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