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SIMSOL Software, Inc.

Helping Adjusters Help Themselves!

SIMSOL Software, Inc.


SIMSOL Software, Inc. provides a suite of Windows based products for Adjusters, Inside Adjusters, Appraisers, Carriers, Claims Managers and Restoration and Remodeling Contractors. SIMSOL For Adjusters contains modules for preparing building estimates, contents inventories and commercial and residential square foot insurance-to-value appraisals. The system also contains a diagramming module, digital photo interface, word-processor with claim data merge capabilities, a robust management report generator and email for electronically transferring claim files. SIMSOL's forms library contains all NFIP reporting forms as well as standard insurance forms. A Mobile Home, Heavy Commercial cost and Contents Replacement databases are also available with the system.

3452 Lake Lynda Dr
Suite 420 Orlando, FL 32817
Phone: (800) 447-4676
Fax: (407) 384-9216


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