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Canadian Disaster Restoration Group

Changing the Industry by Storm



The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group is Canada's fastest growing fully Canadian network of restoration specialists. Since its inception in 2004, CDRG has leveraged the increasing demand for emergency restoration with a proven business model to capitalize on Canada's demand. The rigorous CDRG selection process only chooses members which meet the highest industry standards. All of our 89 locations are experienced and equipped to meet all challenges put before them. No job is too big or too small for CDRG members. Our members from across Canada are required to have certifications in each of their respective fields in order to remain abreast of the latest industry requirements. We at CDRG are very optimistic about their group's future potential based upon the benefits that have already been realized by the members and the exposure that we are currently receiving as a network of restoration specialists.

"CDRG. Standardized Passion"

The story behind the name

"Why CDRG ?" you may ask.

We wanted a fresh, original short name to reflect the unique ways we are changing how people locate quality restoration specialists in Canada. In the "dot-com" world, a unique name is crucial in order to be found on the Web. If you looked for "CDRG" in most search engines, it would be hard not to find us.

The Logo with the storm and the eye of the storm on the letter “g” represents the group coming to the rescue during a disaster.

The tag line “Changing the industry by storm” ;this sums up what CDRG is all about - always evolving to create fast, convenient quality service.

The spelling

C = Canadian
D = Disaster
R = Restoration
G = Group

.ca - because we are Canadian


1084 Kenaston
Ottawa, ON K1B3P5
Phone: 613-736-9222


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