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Donan Engineering Co., Inc

Donan Engineering Co., Inc.


Donan Engineering Co., Inc. is one of the leading investigative forensic consulting companies in the region. We currently have eight office locations servicing Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and West Virginia. Our technical expertise includes 56+ years of experience and full time, on staff professionals trained in the following areas:



  • Structural Engineering Studies
  • Fire & Explosion Cause and Origin
  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Blasting/Earthquake Vibration Damage
  • Roof Damage Investigations – Residential & Commercial
  • Metallurgical Studies
  • Construction Failures
  • Post- Accident Vehicle Examinations
  • Subsidence Investigations
  • Electrical Investigations

We take pride in our ability to handle all aspects of any given project. In the investigation process we establish the facts of a case with solid physical evidence, then render opinions as to cause and accountability using sound engineering and fire science data. At Donan Engineering, we are committed to open communication, integrity, and honesty. For additional information please call Melanie Gonsalves at (800) 814-7503 or at




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