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Nativo Inc. Flooring Matchmakers

The Flooring Matchmakers For The Insurance Industry

Nativo Inc. Flooring Matchmakers
For the last 11 years our company has been providing repair options for flooring claims, searching, matching, procuring and repairing any type of flooring material with a 50% success rate. As of today we work with over 50 carriers and claim service companies nationwide, and stock more than 5,100 selections of discontinued flooring in our warehouses in Florida. Also, as part of our toolbox to support your flooring claims, we are now offering forensic/cause of loss inspections and construction estimates. We are certain we can add great value to your adjusting process.
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Dana W. Hall, PE

Dana W. Hall, PE

My name is Dana Hall, I am a Registered Civil Engineer, and retired Engineering Contractor. I had the privilege of working with several claims adjustment and insurance companies over the years. Presently I am semi-retired and seeking assignments where I can be of professional assistance in claim resolution. My competency is in the areas of: Structural Analysis and Design, Foundations, Drainage and Erosion, and Cost to Cure Estimates.

My background includes professional assistance on approximately 175 claims. I was under contract with several insurance and adjustment companies involving earthquake claims as well as miscellaneous individual evaluations.

Your consideration in determining if my services may be helpful and who else I might follow up with would be appreciated.

I reside in Redding California and would be interested in assisting with claims throughout California.

Kind Regards

Dana Hall, RE

 Res     (530)244-4896

Cel      (408)442-4434

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Heiden Insurance Appraisal and Consulting, LLC

Heiden Insurance Appraisal and Consulting, LLC
Legal consulting related to claims process and construction materials and methods. Appraiser and umpire.
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Caspian CM Consulting LLC

Caspian provides engineering-driven property loss consulting services for commercial and industrial property loss claims to the highest professional standards, and in an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible manner. 

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TechLoss Consulting & Restoration, Inc.

Calming the chaos...whenever, wherever it strikes

TechLoss Consulting & Restoration, Inc.

We travel the world over helping businesses and all those affected by disasters large and small. As first responders we are often the key to turning these situations around.

TechLoss Consulting & Restoration provides electronic loss consulting, equipment restoration & salvage and data solutions to support insurance carriers, self-insured organizations, independent claims adjusters, government agencies and the legal industry.

TechLoss engineers have expertise and experience with the following type of electronic losses:
• Lightning & Power Surges
• Fire & Smoke Damage
• Water Damage
• Theft
• Transportation Losses
• Commercial & Residential Property
• Virus Losses, Data Losses & Data Deletion

For additional information, please contact us on line at www.techloss.com or by telephone at 877-832-4567.


Electronic Loss Consulting, Equipment Restoration, Data Solutions, Project Management for crisis scenes and large-scale disasters, Quick Claim Processing Program for smaller cases


Visit our website at www.TechLoss.com  or call 877-TechLoss (832-4567) to discuss any of our services. Our experience can help you accurately resolve the electronic and electrical portions of any claim.


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Roger Flack, Certified Roof Inspector

Roger Flack, Certified Roof Inspector

I am HAAG Engineering Certified, LEED AP Certified, OSHA 30 Certified and belong to the Roof Consultants Institute, International Facility Management Association and the Rooftop Integrated Solar Energy Council.

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Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Solve problems...faster!

HES is a full service environmental consulting firm serving the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States.  Our environmental professionals possess a wealth of experience across a variety of environmental concerns.  We have extensive experience in assisting insurance agents, adjusters, and claims managers in addressing and understanding environmental liabilities.

Our services include: 

  • Environmental due diligence assessments
  • Emergency and disaster response and management services
  • Chemical spill prevention training and incident response services
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank assessment, closure, and remdiation
  • Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation services
  • Hazardous waste assessment and remediation
  • Environmental permitting
  • Meth lab decontamination
  • Stormwater permitting
  • Environmental and pollution liability claim review and management

We offer emergency spill response services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    Our mission is to complete projects in a time and cost-effective manner, and provide documented regulatory closure of incidents to reduce future liability.  HES was recently awarded the "BestMark" seal as a "Recommended Expert Service Provider" by the A.M. Best Company.

We provide effective solutions to clients with environmental needs.

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VKT Associates, LLC.

Handling business interruption claims cost effectively

VKT Associates, LLC specializes in working on business interruption claims. The principal has expertise in conducting the analysis and quantifying loss income associated with business interruption claims.   Since services are conducted by reviewing financial statements, insurance policies and online resources, VKT Associates can support  field adjusters or organizations with their business interruption claims once electronic documents are sent to the company. 

The company's fees are conservative at a hourly rate of $90 per hour and most small to mid size claims can be worked for $600 to $1,200 per claim.   A detailed report explaining the business income loss is provided with each claim.   VKT Associates can negotiate a flat fee for small to mid size claims if a certain volume of claims are submitted on a monthly basis.     

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Advise & Consult, Inc.

Your partner of choice in construction defect resolution, insurance claims, consulting & estimating.

 We specialize in helping attorneys and insurance companies and adjusters with residential and commercial construction defect resolution cases, insurance claim cases, estimates, appraisals and umpire services.  We offer expert witness testimony, arbitration, mediation and depositions.  

We are a nationwide company with locations in Washington, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut and Michigan. 

We are proficient in Xactimate and have on our team one of only five Xactimate liscenced trainers that does not work for Xactware.  We have been involved in hundreds of insurance cases from small disputes to multi-million dollar cases where we have saved our clients millions of dollars.


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Advise & Consult, Inc.

Your partner of choice in construction defect resolution, insurance claims, consulting & estimating.

 We specialize in helping attorneys and insurance companies with residential and commercial construction defect resolution cases, insurance claim cases, estimates, appraisals and umpire services.  We offer expert witness testimony, arbitration, mediation and depositions.

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The Floor Detective

The Floor Detective

Providiing complete analysis of flooring failures in Florida and South Georgia since 1990

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Allstate Roof Consultants

Allstate Roof Consultants specializes in commercial roof consulting and infrared thermal roof imaging related to storm damage claims and property & casualty claims for both property owners and insurance companies.

We have over time worked with many insurance company adjusters assisting with claims resolutions on low slope roofs. With over 30 years experience in the commercial roofing industry,  Allstate Roof Consultants has proven to be highly reliable when it comes to the correct assessment of any roofing situation.

We use state of the art infrared thermal imaging and testing equipment to assess even the most difficult roofing situations.

Our reports are non biased and we thoroughly inspect each roof for workmanship problems, defects, and any storm related damages.

Our reports are explained in both technical and laymens terms so anyone can understand and make intelligent decisions in settling a property claim.

Allstate Roof Consultants works as an independant contractor and is available for professional roof consulting in any state where our service is needed for insurance mediation.   Contact Larry Kinsey for further details or at:    http://www.allsateroofconsultants.com


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Crenshaw Consulting Group, LP

Providing Roof Consulting Services Nationwide


Crenshaw Consulting Group has investigated

hundreds of roofing claims related to hurricane, hail

and wind damage. Our experienced CAT Team

can quickly mobilize and provide a full range of

services that include:

  • Site Inspection

             Storm Assesment Report:

  •      Before/After Aerials

  •      Detailed Roof Plans

  •      Colored Photographs

  •      Scope of Work

  •      Cost Estimationg for Repairs or Replacement.


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Core Consulting Group Inc.

"Get to the CORE"

CORE is a construction consulting firm with a complete staff of general contractors, engineers, architects, and cost estimators.  We have a diverse team with 25+ years experience.  Our staff is set up to handle claims throughout the United States.  Our home office is in San Diego and we have offices in both Northern CA and Arizona.

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Treating every customer as they deserve......like they're the only customer!


Our highly experienced and professional team of consultants are available at a moment’s notice to assist in the claims process for any structural consulting, estimating, expert witness, and third party project management/consulting assignments.

Our headquarters are located near Indianapolis, IN. Our territory varies by type of project, but we can handle projects anywhere in the United States, and depending on the required response time…..the world.

Our consultants have worked as leading experts on projects in every major city in the U.S. along with projects in Sydney, Australia; Port Au Prince, Haiti; Grand Cayman, Germany, and other overseas locations. Some of our projects have been with major hotel chains, high-rise office buildings, hospitals and apartment complexes during major catastrophic events such as Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Rita
and Ivan. We have worked with companies that include J.S. Held, Lloyds of London, Sentry, Chubb, USAA and Zurich.

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Technical Loss Consultants (ICC)

Is that equipment really bad?

For 19 years we have helped adjusters with claims involving electronic equipment such as computer servers, MRI machines, elevators, laboratory, and much more.

We get answers to questions such as:

  • Is the equipment really damaged?
  • What is the replacement?
  • Can it be repaired or restored?
  • Is the vendor telling me the truth?

Call us.  We'll help you sort out fact from fiction.


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Atlanta Engineering Services, Inc.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Property Damage Investigations, Expert Witness

Professional Engineering Firm in Business for Over 20 Years

Visit Atlanta Engineering Services online at:

Traffic Accident Reconstruction

  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Non-Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Commercial Truck / Tractor Accidents
  • Air Brake Systems
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Hydroplaning Accidents
  • Roadway Defects
  • Vehicle Defects
  • Black Box Data Retrieval
  • 3-D Crash Simulations
  • Property Damage Investigations

  • Storm Damage:  Wind, Hail, Lightning, Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane, Freezing / Bursting Pipes, Water Damage, Tree Falling, Flooding, etc.
  • Erosion Control Problems
  • Sanitary Sewer Backups
  • Chimney Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Sink Holes
  • Pool Damage

    Professional Engineers
    Professional Hydrologists
    Professional Land Surveyors
    ACTAR Certfied (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction)
    Expert Witness

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    Insight Consulting Engineering (ICE)

    You'll never get burned if you use ICE!

    Insight Consulting Engineering (ICE) has experience servicing hundreds of claims on residential, commercial,  large loss and  builder risk  policies  for  numerous insurance carriers throughout the Midwest region in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and into the Dakotas.

    Our customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand the pressure adjusters work under, and the sense of urgency required to determine coverage so that restoration may begin as soon as possible to get the property back to normal for the owner.

    A key element to our customer service is rapid turn-around. We strive to have claims investigated and reported on within 2 weeks of receipt of the assignment. When this is not possible due to job volume, the client is notified up front so that they can retain other experts, if needed.

    With over 10 years experience performing forensic examinations, ICE has the practical knowledge of industry standards and practices necessary to determine coverage. Our background in engineering design and construction management aids in the recognition of design and construction defects for subrogation purposes. Expert witness testimony is also offered.
    Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you!

    8633 NE 97th Terrace

    Kansas City, MO 64157

    (816) 824-2020


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    Clean Source Consulting

    Delivering Tomorrows Results, Today.

    Clean Source Consulting
    Clean Source Consulting responds to all natural disasters in the US. Our team of consultants will manage all aspects of mitigation. We start by evaluating the damage accurately and honestly. Then we compile the strategy and protocol to effectively mitigate the loss. We will help you decide which mitigation contractor will be suited for the loss. From there we will manage all aspects of the loss, ensuring the mitigation is successful, and reconstruction is kept as minimum as possible. We provide all documentation, i.e. estimates, drying logs, moisture mapping, clearance testing, total loss inventory.
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    Watermark (Xactimate Classroom and Online Training)

    Xactimate Classroom and Online Training

    Xactimate 28 Online Training
    Convenient online Xactimate video training by Watermark is available when your schedule permits! CE: Texas and Oklahoma CE (8 credits)  Learn More.

    New! Approved for Georgia CE (5 hours) Learn More.

    Xactimate 28 Classroom Training 
    Learn Xactimate in a hands-on class with other people in your industry. Classes are scheduled near you!  Learn More.

    Classes are conducted by Sean M. Burgess, an experienced field adjuster and estimator, who is also an Xactimate Certified Trainer (XCT).

    Learn More at trainwatermark.com!

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    Crash Data Services, LLC

    "From low impact accidents to major collisions, our professional services provide answers."

    Crash Data Services, LLC

    Crash Data Services, LLC proudly serves clients throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Our company specializes in traffic accident reconstruction, fraud investigation, and crash data retrieval (black box technology). We tailor our services to meet your needs.

    Owner Shawn Gyorke is a graduate of Northwestern University's Center for Public Safety and is certified as an Accident Reconstructionist by the state of Illinois as well as the Accreditation for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Shawn is a member of the Midwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators (MATAI).

    Shawn has over 10 years of accident reconstruction experience. He has investigated hundreds of accidents involving fatalities, DUIs, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles and trucks. He has testified in both criminal and civil proceedings and has extensive experience with Illinois Traffic Law.

    In 2007, Shawn obtained his certification as both a Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Analyst with Bosch Diagnostics. Since that time, Shawn has been a guest speaker on crash data retrieval for attorneys and insurance fraud investigators.

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    Forensic Roof and Building Envelope Consultants

    Dansky-Kanter Roofing Consultants is a Full Service Roof and Building Envelope Consulting Firm, specializing in Forensic Consulting and Catastrophe Services for the Insurance and Legal Industries.

    Our Founding Member, Bruce Kanter, has nearly 30 years of continuous service in the roofing industry, and has extensive expertise in the design, installation and analysis of virtually all types of roof and waterproofing systems.  Mr. Kanter has provided roof consulting services to many of the nation's leading insurance companies, corporate property owners, government agencies and construction litigators.  He is also an accomplished construction artibrator and mediator; and provides expert testimony when required.

    Our Routine Services Include:
    • Roof Failure Analysis
    • Due Diligence Inspections
    • Roof System Design
    • Mitigation Strategies
    • Damage Repair Strategies
    • Roof Asset Management Plans and Budgeting
    • Installation monitoring
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies
    • Expert Testimony
    Catastrophe Services:
    We have an experienced Catastrophe Team ready to dispatch anywhere in the United States or beyond on short notice.  We have analysed roof damage claims stemming from hurricanes and other catastrophic events on literally thousands of structures.  Through these experiences, we have developed a unique expertise in the identification of typical catastrophe damage, as well as claim strategies frequently employed by unscrupulous property owners and public adjusters.  We have saved insurers millions of dollars in potential payout of excessive or fraudulent claims.

    Please visit us at www.RoofWeb.com for more information, or Contact Bruce Kanter directly at BKanter@RoofWeb.com or by telephone at 860.242.7800.




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    CAT Consulting & Construction-anywhere, anytime!

     Knepp-Kraft offers twenty-five years of reliable Xactimate Estimates and a Professional staff that will make you proud to have as part of your adjusting team.

    We have worked on most major CAT's and are best utilized in the worst possible Commercial Conditions that exist following a Natural Disaster.

    You will want us as a reliable Construction Consultant from Alaska to the Gulf Coast on your short list!

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    Easy Safety Solutions

    Founded in 1996, Easy Safety Solutions (ESS) has the recognition and respect by it's clients all over the industries it has served. We are a nationwide safety and risk service company that has served almost every type of industry and business sector.  

    If your business is involved with any of the following we can assist you.

    ·        Industrial Products (manufacture and use)

    ·        Machine & Equipment

    ·        Hazardous Energy Control

    ·        Chemicals (Process Safety Management - Mechanical Integrity)

    ·        Fall Protection 

    ·        Electrical Wiring Machines & Equipment

    ·        NFPA 79 Compliance

    ·        NFPA 70E Compliance

    ·        Grounding & Bonding

    ·        Confined Space Entry

    ·        Spill Prevention and Pollution Control

    ·        Pressure Pipes

    ·        Steam

    ·        Standard Operating Procedures

    ·        Job Safety & Hazard Analysis

    ·        Hazardous -Operability

    ·        ANSI Requirements Compliance

    ·        Emergency Procedure

    ·        Safety Manuals

    ·        OSHA Compliance


    Short list of industries we have consulted:

    • Manufacturing (metal, plastic, wood, general, food, etc)
    • Retail (department stores, discount warehouses, apparel, etc)
    • Hardware Warehouses (retail, live-warehouse, etc)
    • Distribution and Warehousing (operations, automation, etc)
    • Service Contractors (electrical, plumbing, specialty, etc)
    • Construction (non-residential, industrial, demolition, etc)
    • Steel Mills (roll mills)
    • Agricultural
    • Car Washes
    • Ski Resorts
    • Irrigation Authorities
    • Transportation (railroads, public transportation)
    • Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing (product compliance)
    • Hospitality (hotels, labor housing)
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Education (University campuses, support services)
    • Water and Energy (operating facilities and plants)
    • Paint (manufacturing, distribution, etc)
    • Detergent and Soap (manufacturing)
    • Personal Care (manufacturing, packaging, distribution)
    • Chemical (processing, distribution)
    • Pulp and Paper (manufacturing and recycling)
    • High speed packaging
    • State and Local Government (operations safety audits) 
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