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We anticipate that the 2018 Atlantic basin hurricane season will have slightly above average activity. The current weak La Niña event appears likely to transition to neutral ENSO over the next several months, but at this point, we do not anticipate a significant El Niño event this summer/fall. The western tropical Atlantic is anomalously warm right now, while portions of the eastern tropical Atlantic and far North Atlantic are anomalously cool. Consequently, our Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation index is near its long-term average. We anticipate a slightly above-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the continental United States coastline and in the Caribbean. As is the case with all hurricane seasons, coastal residents are reminded that it only takes one hurricane making landfall to make it an active season for them. They should prepare the same for every season, regardless of how much activity is predicted.

Source: Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

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Hurricane Irma recovery slowed by shortages of insurance adjusters, contractors


"Much of the post-Irma frustration stemmed from dealing with catastrophe adjusters quickly trained and supervised under the governor’s Sept. 4 emergency authorization allowing suspension of normal credentialing requirements, Dominguez said.

One such adjuster was dispatched to an English-speaker’s home despite not knowing how to speak English, Dominguez said.

After Hurricane Harvey, “the cream of the crop” of independent insurance adjusters headed to Texas to work for insurance companies there, Papy said. Then, when Irma looked likely to strike Florida, insurers here were forced to compete to secure services from adjusters who didn’t go to Texas." (from the article)

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2018 Storm Names

  • Alberto 
    • Subtropical Storm, Made Landfall near Laguna Beach, FL around 4PM 5/28/18 with Maximum Sustained winds of 45 MPH
  • Beryl 
  • Chris 
  • Debby 
  • Ernesto 
  • Florence 
  • Gordon 
  • Helene 
  • Isaac 
  • Joyce 
  • Kirk 
  • Leslie 
  • Michael 
  • Nadine 
  • Oscar 
  • Patty 
  • Rafael 
  • Sara 
  • Tony 
  • Valerie 
  • William

Wind Speeds

  • Category One Hurricane - Sustained winds 74-95 mph
  • Category Two Hurricane - Sustained winds 96-110 mph
  • Category Three Hurricane  - Sustained winds 111-130 mph
  • Category Four Hurricane  - Sustained winds 131-155 mph
  • Category Five Hurricane  - Sustained winds greater than 155 mph,

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