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Last Post 06/24/2017 6:01 AM by  IAPATH
Applying for adjuster jobs prior to receiving your adjusters license.
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04/20/2017 4:12 PM

     Is it beneficial to start the process of putting out applications prior to actually having my adjuster's license (First time) approved by the state of Texas?

    I have a strong background as a public adjuster in Colorado for many years now and am switching to a 1099 CAT adjuster lifestyle. I'm not liking just waiting for Texas to approve my license and was hoping there were recommendations as well as company suggestions that give consideration even though the license is pending? Or is it a waste of time to apply prior to holding that license?


    04/21/2017 10:04 AM
    Well, if you can't legally (we won't even get in to ability, as nobody has any idea what your ability is) do the job that you are applying to do, it would probably be best to wait. Without an active license, your resume would be deleted before you got past the first gate keeper at this company.

    06/24/2017 6:01 AM

    I agree with the above comment, if you are serious about becoming an adjuster you will get your license. Getting your license is like having a drivers license, now you can legally drive, but will anybody pay you for your driving skills? That is a different story.

    Get started with the license and I wouldn't bother with resumes. I'd start by talking with local appraisal companies in your area and ask them if you can take photos for them, carry a ladder, etc.

    This is a business and you'll have to treat it like you are building a business, step by step. Good luck!

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