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People News: Chubb, CCG, GEICO

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For New adjusters only-sample reading files

Some time I forget how I was trained. I was trained one on one for several months by a senior adjuster who I was assigned to by our employer to give me a segment of my training. But I read about 200-3

Posted: 08/27/2009 5:08 PM Replies: 10

What is an Adjuster good for Anymore?

I know this is long, but please read, at the end there is a twist and I hope that my experience will help you or someone else. Thank you for reading. Adjusters should be owed the right to share their

Posted: 11/15/2015 2:48 AM Replies: 3

Does anyone know anything about the CPCU certification?

Hey Guys, I'm pretty much new to the biz. I've been doing insurance remodel work; fire, flood, etc... for a couple of years now and just recently took the vale property adjusting course. I have been h

Posted: 10/17/2006 8:59 AM Replies: 28

Cat adjuster movie

There was a part documentary, part drama making the rounds in the film festivals a while back about cat adjusters and people of New Orleans post Katrina.  The name was Low and Beho

Posted: 05/09/2011 12:43 PM Replies: 1

I Thought I Had Heard It All

Greetings to everyone from Oaxaca, Mexico, where Jennifer and I are taking a break from our last assignment and staying far away from the demonstrations taking place across town. I guess I'm reviving

Posted: 11/14/2006 10:29 PM Replies: 43

In Dallas With PilotCAT Taining

Well after 3 years of waiting I have been called back to work. I arrived in Dallas 9/2/2008 and still being retrained again for deployment most likely back to Louisiana.

Posted: 09/03/2008 6:59 PM Replies: 9

A couple of interesting rulings by some judges

I am going to try and post a couple links here that will take you to two recent rulings by a couple judges that are rather interesting.  The 1st is by Judge Acker who is presiding over the case o

Posted: 06/05/2008 6:34 PM Replies: 1

Dickie pleads guilty

Read this for all the info::::  

Posted: 03/14/2008 10:37 AM Replies: 6

Sandy Discussion

So, here we are Sandy is here.  It is really funny how changing jobs from commission to salary changes the perception. When I was a salaried road warrior, I used to beam with joy while seeing tho

Posted: 10/29/2012 4:52 PM Replies: 84

General Contractors

Greetings my name is Danny Cave and I have been an adjuster for over 16yrs.  I recently made the switch to general contractor for monetary reasons and wanting to stay home around my kiddos. Sinc

Posted: 08/17/2009 12:25 PM Replies: 8