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CADO is turning 12!!

CADO has now been online for 12 years.  We first went online in 1995 and based on this CNN article we were one of around 18,000 websites at that  time and I believe the only website devoted to Cat Adjusting.  The same CNN article also stated that there were around 100, 000,000 websites in October of 2006.  When the site was first started it was called "The Disaster Page, A Catastrophe Adjuster's Home Page", we did not get the domain name until 1997.  Our industry as well as CADO has seen many changes since we first hit the web.  You follow some of the changes by visiting the internet archive,*/ who started saving CADO pages in 1998,  here is a link to the May of 1998 CADO home page.

I want to thank all of the members and visitors for visiting and helping us reach this milestone. We could not do it without you.  You have kept CADO alive and helped it grow for the last 12 years and I hope that you will continue visit and participate on the CADO site for a long time to come.

Take care and thank you for visiting. 


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Congratulations on turning twelve and continued success. Keep up the fine work you are doing. This site is invaluable to the cat adjusting community.

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Adjuster License Online

Congratulations! You'll be turning 15 this year!!

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