Friday, February 29, 2008

Common Estimating Errors

Author: Roy

By John Postava;  First posted in the forum.

"They say there have been more mistakes made by computers than Tequila and Hand Guns combined.  That being said, with the help of one of the top trainers at Vale National Training Center we published a white paper on what we feel are some of the top ...

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Tallahassee FL

I have a few questions.  First off let me say I have a good job & I am not looking to take anyones work but I am more so planning for a rainy day in case something happens with my current job

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Metlife-- current or past experience?

I've been offered a gig with Met and they've been a little sketchy with details of past claim count for the territory.  Its a territory that includes 19,600 policies in force.   Anyone her

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Does anyone have the "Roof Computation Worksheet - Slope Method - Repair or Replace?" that HAAG created? a.k.a., The "DURA Worksheet". We have it in PDF format, but need it in Excel format ASAP. Any

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Harmonizing Adjusters' Lives

The below is from a article on website posted in July of this year with the same title. Sounds like a good plan would it work the US? Any thoughts? HARMONY ON THE

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Unreturned Phone Calls/emails

At any orientation we attend, one the major topics discussed is returning phone calls. We are told "if you do not return your calls, you will be sent home". That has always been harped on to

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Good stuff about America

Amidst all the bad talk, about the economy and whatever, I would like to see this group look for positive things. So to lead;    "The U.S. sold more than $200 billion worth of aircraft, mi

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5 Tips on Handling Mass Claims After a Catastrophe

When a calamity strikes your company, what's the best way to handle potential mass claims for damage or injury? The recent Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, Calif., and the BP oil spill in 2010 offer

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Adjusters - Please Update Your Roster Status

 Adjusters if you have a roster listing on CADO please update your status.  A easy way to get to your listing is to click on  your name after you login.  You will see your name on

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Tree house

The policy covers trees up to $500 ea. if destroyed by fire. The insured has other structure coverage with a limit of $10,000.00. The insured has a tree house which is bolted and nailed into a 40' tr

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Adjusting companies in storm times

Has anyone heard of IIS Claims?  They keep sending e-mails about all the claims they have

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