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Laser Measuring Devices

Subject: Laser Measuring Devices

 Current opinions?

I've looked thru the old posts, seeing many recommendations for
Disto, and some for the El Cheapo Stanley.

There are about 5 models of Disto, any opinions as to which would be the
best to cover all situations?

The 100' Stanley seems like a great choice for a backup no matter how you
'slice' it.

I'd appreciate any current opinions, both pro & con on the various Disto models.

I'd also love a few how-to questions answered about them:
-Visibility aside, how is a fence measured?  If you have to use a plate, doesn't that take up
about as much time as measuring with a tape?
- There are instances when the ability to deduce a measurement by triangulation would be useful.  But do those times justify the added expense of the pricier models?

Thanks, and best to all,

Source: 2006 Forum Archive Post by Betrock
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