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Major damage' as huge tornado rips through neighborhoods south of Oklahoma City

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Major damage' as huge tornado rips through neighborhoods south of Oklahoma City

Updated 5/21 - News Source: NBC News Photo Source: Getty Images

A monster tornado packing winds as strong as 200 mph roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, pulverizing block after block of homes, wrecking an elementary school and leaving fires burning out of control.

Crews were frantically searching an estimated 30 square miles of wreckage and only beginning to get a sense of the destruction as night fell. Initial reports from NBC affiliate KFOR said at least four people were killed in the suburb of Moore, including a mother and child, and hospitals reported several dozen injured.

In addition to Plaza Towers, Briarwood Elementary School in Oklahoma was heavily damaged, KFOR reported.

Search and rescue teams converged on a staging area at the Warren Theater, which was also damaged, as the tornado churned toward other Oklahoma towns. The storms were expected to continue through the evening.

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Licensing Update

Updated 5/21/2013

The Insurance Commissioner of Oklahoma has declared an emergency for the recent events.  Click on the links below for the Declaration of Emergency and Order

Storm Dates - May 8th - May 9th, 2013 - Case #13-0485-EMG
Storm Dates - May 19th - May 20th - Case # 13-0499-EMG

Click here for information on the Oklahoma Emergency Adjuster License

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