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Ride Along

Greetings to all. I am looking to see if there are any adjusters (daily or otherwise) in the Dallas/Ft. Worth who would be interested in letting me ride long with them for a short period of time. I have looked at some older posts and realize...
16 July 2015
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Thinking about a career change into claims

Hi Everyone, I am a 26 year old that has a strong background in construction. I have years of experience in residential remodeling and repairs. I graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in Technology Education (Bachelor of...
6 April 2014
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Little bit of advice

I am seeking a little bit of advice from some experienced adjusters. I currently sell Cadillacs and Hummers as everyone prolly knows the car business has not been the best. I have several friends that are adjusters and have done very well for...
3 June 2009
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Typical Phases of Claim Pmt First 3 Years of an Adjuster's Career

Just a little insight to all new adjusters on what I have witnessed to be the progression of practice among new catastrophe adjusters in their first three years of claims work. Stage # 1:  Demonstrated during in the first twelve months of...
6 June 2007
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Repost: Just got 58 new claims, what do I do now?

First posted by Clayton Carr in the forum archive:  You can read the replies by clicking here and add your own replies if you wish to this thread. ---- Newt, here is a new thread for you or whoever else may be interested. Again, I...
31 October 2006
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